The problem of loyalty to your customers online

If loyalty in a physical store is difficult, even with the advantage of personalized service and personal encounter, in an online business it is immensely more difficult.

So should consider some methods that can help us retain our online customers and make us repeat.

The problem of loyalty to your customers onlineLoyalty Guidelines

  • Accessibility

There are numerous options to provide customer service; this is the case the contact form, video or text chat, a phone number or an e-mail, etc. The more points of contact is offered, the greater the confidence that you deposited into your customers.

  • A customer with a solution

Prioritize your dissatisfied customers get a satisfactory solution. Whether it is a discount on your next purchase as a gift certificate, your customers expect you to fulfill your expectations and failure to do so may end up more expensive result yet.

  • Addressing criticism

Disgruntled customers are most likely to share their online discomfort. Show them that you worry about, no matter the situation, and do your best to meet your needs. If you do it correctly, you can transform and those dissatisfied customers into your greatest advocates.

  • Reward loyalty

Encourage the return of their customers by rewarding them. This is the best way to thank your customers’ loyalty and encourages them to keep coming back. This reward can be in the form of discount, albeit symbolic, or with a small gift. Customers like to feel appreciated and every small gesture you apart from your competition.

  • Stay in touch

Fresh is important to keep in his memory and, therefore, should contact your customers regularly. In addition to sending a monthly newsletter, for example, also should wish them a happy holiday. The important thing, your communication is commercial and sin no overly commercial.

Of course, it never hurts to once have been a concerned is custom send an email thanks and, if you can, a little attention.

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