The secrets of a really effective Landing page

The trip comes to an end, you can see the destination, the journey is about to end, but now it is the hardest part: land. Encouraging users to arrive at our landing page without complications and live a satisfactory experience there will depend on your skill when it comes to guiding them on their journey. Once you have obtained that the users arrive at your landing page you must know to indicate them so that they follow the correct way, without doubts, uncertainty or dispersion, until arriving to complete the wished action: to obtain the conversion.

Any landing page that claims to be effective must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be absolutely in line with the announcement to which it refers , fulfill the promise that served as a hook for its recipient, otherwise, our potential client will flee in terror and never trust our company. To give you an idea, if the offer indicates “2 nights in a romantic hotel at a price of 1”, when clicking, the user does not come across a proposal for “mountain excursions and group rafting”.
  • You have to be a single click of the conversion medium , whether it is the download of an ebook, the filling of a form or the shopping cart. Always facilitate the path and do not waste your user’s time, you will noticeably increase the possibilities of conversion.
  • Present a professional design . Here is not what you can do that cousin we all have and “knows these things.” Hire the services of a designer with experience in this area, who knows the language to use in this work. The result has to be simple and attractive; uses a simple language with direct and precise calls to action. Do not get lost in ramblings and endless explanations; Remember, you have captured the attention of the user, you simply have to maintain that attention and get him to follow the steps you have marked him.
  • Graphically it must contain large buttons , which stand out clearly above the rest. Do not use more elements than absolutely necessary, do not distract the visitor’s attention or lead to confusion and transmit seriousness with your message, build confidence in your recipients.
  • Fast loading of the page . No need to say that once customers arrive at your landing page, it does not end up showing correctly, they will go where they came from and you will have lost a potential purchase.
  • Ask your user only the basic data strictly necessary to complete the action. Minimize the time you have to invest in filling out the form; once again, put the easy things; you are not doing an exam, you want to get what you promised in your ad and not waste your valuable time.

Once the action is completed, maintain the same quality of service and attention to the user, who does not feel “used” because we have already achieved what we wanted from him. After the application is completed, do not forget to offer a response message informing that the request has been sent successfully, thank you for your attention and indicate the way out, either abandon your page or even encourage you to visit your website. You will feel attended and grateful. What has been your experience with landing pages? Do they always fulfill what was promised? Do they generate confidence? and most important, do they achieve conversion?

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