The users value in a very positive way a good customer service in social networks

At this point we have all learned the great utility that social networks have for different companies, not only as a means of promotion and to achieve a better brand image, but to relate more effectively with our customers.

The users that follow a brand in Social Networks expect a personalized and impeccable treatment, as well as a very fast response, as there are no obstacles between them and the brand, unless the person in charge of managing the community is not at that moment, topic that we will address in another post.

Fortunately, there are more and more companies and brands that rely on effective customer service that can generate immediate feedback and, therefore, can be analyzed almost immediately, as a means to build customer loyalty.

However, we find that customers are increasingly demanding when choosing a trusted brand, and in part, are strongly influenced in their decision by the experience of the brand and its, let’s say, support, its service of customer service.

To illustrate these statements, we mention the data obtained by the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, which shows how a good customer service is essential to ensure that our brand can be a reference in its market niche and to give a strong image and powerful brand.

According to the barometer mentioned above, one in five North American users used social platforms, mainly Twitter and Facebook, as a customer service channel due to its immediacy and the possibility of accessing the brand without intermediaries. These users are aware of the importance of the brand responding to your call quickly, solving as much as possible their need or, at least, guiding them about solving it, and are willing to spend more money, to buy the products Although they are more expensive, brands that provide a great service, plus they are more likely to become ambassadors and prescribers of the brand, recommending it to other acquaintances or friends and sharing with their own and strangers their brand experience.

The data collected by the Barometer show, on the other hand, how the message, whether positive or negative, about the brand is amplified much more using Social Media. As a sample, we will affirm that a message that entails the communication of positive experiences with the company reaches 15 people on average, while in Social Networks, if a user shares the same message, it reaches, on average, 42 people. In the event that the negative message is shared in the analog world, estellega to about 24 people, for the 53 users “infected” in the online world.

As we mentioned before, users value a good customer service in a very positive way, so that 13% of users in the unopuntocero would be willing to pay a little more for a product backed by excellent customer service, a percentage that it is extended up to 21% in the dospuntocero field.

Likewise, if users are willing to pay more for good service, those who do not offer good service, in fact, more than 30% of users have lost patience with a service member during the past year, what has caused the loss of that client.

The Barometer also gives us the keys to avoid bad attention to our user, because, for customers, some reasons why they change brands are, for example, the rudeness in the brand, since 33% of users say that if they meet an insensitive or irresponsible worker, they would change brands immediately.

Users do not like to wait, as evidenced by the fact that 10% of customers say that waiting too long to be served makes them change brands, the same percentage that states that if they are forced to continue solving the problem, they would also abandon the brand.

Nor is it well accepted that, within the brand, the problem passes from one to another without offering a solution, which is why 26% of users would change brands.

These data show the importance of being able to offer our users a quality customer service and that really gets involved with the customer, solving all their doubts and problems in the best and most effective way possible.

To maintain a customer, it is fundamental to retain it, and excellent customer service is the best way to achieve it.

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