The value of an answer to gain or lose the trust of users, customers and consumers

If our company has a presence in the network, customers and followers expect from us a certain level of service and attention but can we align them if we do not respond to inquiries made through means such as Twitter, blogs, forums, e-mail, or by any another means by which they try to contact us?

This seems to be something basic, but many companies do not move anymore once they have taken the step of entering the world of the Internet, and customers, when they see us, increase their expectations towards us. They expect us to respond quickly in all media and if they do not, they will feel ignored and belittled. There are five forms of communication in which our business may be failing:

Do not respond on Twitter

Many people use this channel to make complaints about problems they have experienced with a company and to go through it is the worst thing we can do. Even if we do not strive to use it to interact with customers, we must have a record of everything that is said about our brand, so that we can directly ask dissatisfied customers, contact information to talk to them and see the cause of the problem.
Responding actively online can make a customer angry with us, become our best advocate and therefore the importance.

Do not respond to blog comments

Writing in a blog takes time, but once the article is finished we can not terminate the work, but comments can arrive that we must respond obligatorily. If people invest their time in reading us and leaving us a comment, the least we can do is answer them. Otherwise, it would seem that online conversation should only be one way and this leads to losing customers and followers.

Do not answer emails

Not answering the e-mails that come to us is something unforgivable because we are avoiding people and with that, we throw our reputation to the ground. With a little extra administration and some time, we can solve this problem.

Do not reply comments in forums

When the social revolution began, many large companies created forums for their clients, where they formed great discussions of interest that helped us a lot in SEO, but not all had the same luck as most were filled with spam or comments inflammatory, so they closed them or simply, they walked away.

However, the forum is still active, so we can not simply ignore it, because having it full of spam and complaints from dissatisfied customers will only damage our brand. Solutions: either we close the forum, or we answer doubts and real problems but we can not ignore the clients.

Believe that only traditional letters are formal

We must attach great importance to what is said online about us and do not forget that the formality of the letters now we have in emails or comments that reach us by other means. Keep thinking that only the traditional method is valid, is our worst enemy for online reputation.

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