What are the reasons why consumers break their relationship with brands?

Users have become jealous of their privacy, it is getting harder to get their contact details. According to ExactTarget, 77% of online consumers in the United States are reluctant to provide their e-mail address. When a follower starts following a company it assumes a vote of confidence that companies do not always deserve, so that more and more users choose to abandon the brands.

What are the reasons why consumers break their relationship with brandsWhat are the main reasons why customers decide to unsubscribe from a company newsletter? 

  • 54% cancel their subscription due to the excessive number of e-mails received.
  • 49% stop receiving the news of a company because they become repetitive and boring.
  • 47% indicate that too many emails are required to unsubscribe from an e-mailing list.
  • 1 in 4 consider that information is not as relevant as at first.
  • Twenty-four percent prefer to look for information themselves, rather than allowing companies to provide it.
  • 22% subscribed at the time for a concrete offer.

In general, users feel saturated by brands. It is one thing to keep yourself updated, and another that your inbox is overwhelmed.

What about Facebook?

This social network is losing interest on the part of its users, which is also reflected in the degree of engagement with brands:

  • Excessive number of publications is still the determining factor for users deciding to abandon a brand (44%).
  • 43% complained that their wall was full of business post, so they decided to do cleaning
  • 38% got tired of boring and repetitive content
  • 26% only start following a company if it obtains some type of advantage or offer
  • 24% indicated that the posts were too commercial, and did not offer any interesting promotion

What do customers do when they do not want to know anything about a company they follow on Facebook? 

  • 43% of users who do not want to receive more information from a company on Facebook, go to the fanpage of this company and directly stop following him.
  • A 38% closes the updates of the mark, in order to erase it from its wall.
  • 19% simply ignore them.

More of the same happens on Twitter 

  • 52% of users stop following a brand on Twitter because they are bored of their content, or this is too repetitive.
  • A 41% reflect that their line line was saturated with too many commercial messages, so decided to dispense with the brands.
  • 39% consider that the company they stopped to follow published too often.
  • 27% only follow companies that report some type of advantage or offer, and stop following them if it does not meet this need.
  • For 21% of the respondents, the tweets were too promotional, irrelevant or did not bring value.

In general, the dominant tone is the excessive saturation and the poor quality of the contents. To maintain customers, it is necessary to surprise with useful and quality information that keeps the interest alive and motivates them to share and interact with the brand.

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