What is and should not be a Community Manager

We are tired of seeing articles about what a Community Manager is, what are its functions or what is its routine, but today we will talk about what it is not or the skills that it should not have, to position myself on the opposite side.
For starters, a Community Manager is not someone who makes one of those super-courses that they offer out there where they teach you to be a Community Manager in a few hours. In many of these courses, they can teach us, at most, how to use Twitter and Facebook. Being a Community Manager is much more.

Neither is the Community Manager the intern that they offer us from any institution and that we put in charge of the social networks because they are good at computing and manage with them. You have to have skills and qualities to be a professional, of which we have already spoken before in other articles.
One of the main problems companies when hiring a professional is to find someone who is capable of invigorating a broad community and generate conversation, which, after all, is what Social Media is about, and quality content that adds value to the audience.
Just as it is necessary for the Community Manager to have a series of skills that allow him to carry out his work, there are also others that make it difficult, and of which, if he is a possessor, he will not be a good Community Manager.
The work of this professional is a highly collaborative work, a team work. It is necessary to know how to work with other colleagues, since each one develops a different work, which, in the vast majority of cases, are interconnected, that is, my work influences theirs and their work affects mine. Therefore, if you do not know how to work collaborating with others, you can not be a Community Manager.
One of the main handicaps of the Community Manager is the need to develop very different tasks, which makes this profile a very interdisciplinary profile, and, often, there is not much time for it, so it is essential to know how to establish priorities and postpone the less important tasks. Therefore, if you do not know how to prioritize or organize, you can not be a Community Manager.
It is also not advisable, although this happens, that the person in charge of managing our social profiles is not able to print his own personality. The fundamental thing for a brand is to offer a differentiating value to its audience, to show that it is not the same as the others, and that starts with the channels through which we communicate with customers. Therefore, if you do not know how to differentiate yourself and how to excel, if you are not able to give a new dimension to the brand by lending your voice, do not be a Community Manager.
Nothing contributes a Community Manager that is not able to search the network for relevant information and share it. Among all the noise that exists in social networks it is difficult to separate the chaff from the grain, and we must be the ones who carry out this work to show that we deserve to be followed. Therefore, if you do not have the will to be a researcher and you do not have a critical point of view to judge which contents are interesting from those that do not, if you do not like to work hard, do not get involved with Community Manager.
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