Why are security seals so important in logistics?

Security seals are an essential consideration in the logistics industry, as they help to ensure the safety, security and integrity of goods during transport. Security seals provide a physical barrier to tampering and theft, and can be used to detect any unauthorised access to cargo, whether that’s a shipping container or physical goods.

There are many different types of security seal available, such as those seen at https://acmeseals.co.uk/. Security seals provide many benefits to the logistics industry, but it is important to select the correct type for the job.

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Integrity of Shipment

Security seals can also be used to track the movement of goods, as they can be scanned and tracked throughout the supply chain. This helps to ensure that goods are delivered to the right place, and that they are not diverted, opened or stolen en route.

Theft Prevention

In a recent report by CargoNet, it was estimated that $223 million in cargo was stolen across all cargo theft events in 2022, with household items such as furniture and appliances being the most common items to go missing.

Security seals are important for preventing fraud and counterfeiting. By using security seals, companies can ensure that their goods are genuine and have not been tampered with, or stolen. This helps to protect the company’s reputation and can serve to reduce the risk of losses due to fraud and theft.

Requirements for Compliance

Security seals can help with compliance with regulations and laws. For example, when transporting hazardous chemicals or pollutants, security seals can ensure that such items have been transported securely. This serves to reduce the risk of contamination and meets compliance requirements and regulations.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your shipment is protected can provide peace of mind. Preventing tampering and theft during shipment can be achieved by using security seals. Security seals can act as a deterrent, ensuring that shipments reach their destination safely and securely in the precise form in which they were loaded at source.

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Security seals are thus an invaluable part of the logistics process, delivering safety and security of goods during transportation. They can also be used to detect any unauthorised access to cargo and shipments, and can help with the verification process of the integrity of goods and their movement. Security seals deter theft and fraud in today’s ever more globalised, high growth distribution network.

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