5 things to learn for your SEO speech from Ana Botella

The golden minute of Ana Botella happened, unfortunately without being an Olympiad in Spain, but instead has left us some very interesting pieces to analyze and take into account when forming the messages of our Web, online communication strategy and SEO.

Do not try to be what you are not

I watched the video of Ana Botella many times and although the first I laughed, the following took it seriously. The issue of relaxing latte has focused attention, but I think I made a mistake Ana background more important. Nor is it, in itself, the language problem. Ana commits a major mistake that has to do with its gestural legume: from the beginning to the end is playing without feeling comfortable, a role he has learned rehearsing in the mirror. Although there were no cameras and everything was in the private sphere of those present in the room, confidence can not be transmitted to a high-level target, accustomed to this type of presentation, with a mediocre learned interpretation. Ana Botella did exactly what makes a site is penalized for a fraudulent SEO: overload your message is not vebal to the point that it becomes false, and transforms what should be a clear and reliable in a play beginner message where it is easy to lose the thread in and out of mind the concept of sale.

When building a website, the system is very similar. For SEO, to communicate, and to sell, your message must be real and must bring your strengths to shine. you mistake not bringing out your weaknesses, just because you’ve seen in the competition.

5 things to learn for your SEO speech from Ana BotellaKnow your target

This is a fundamental problem in communicating Candidacy in general. I do not think the main message, that it was almost difficult to meet while you looked gestures Ana, was suitable for the target. What interests them?What do you expect to hear? What is it that these people would move to purchase? A bottle they prepared a written speech to convince tourists, but not a candidate voters. If you have 2 minutes to declare your main message to different stakeholders, I believe that the ideas of “people of Spain is fun,” “you can relax with a latte” and incubus information “80% of the infrastructure built “(where he also erred twice delivering different data) are not optimal for the specific target messages. What real interests “shoot” the attention of the target?

If I were an SEO project and Ana attack a target, for example, compulsive poker player that at 3 in the morning sitting at the keyboard to find a place to bet your money, your communication was similar to “Play with us, here are very nice people. “ This snippet in SERP may be effective to some remote case, but it is expected that a suitable hook to the interests of their target could be much more efficient: “We give 200% of your first deposit, enter now and win!”.

Focus your message

In a short time, it is better to make clear an important confused and weak than 3 messages single message. Ana spoke of the benefits of Spain at the level of tourism, infrastructure, and other things without overemphasis and without key idea contained. As with SEO, had a few seconds (ques some more time it takes for a person to decide the most appropriate outcome in search results) to persuade. I think it would have been appropriate to define a clear “mission” for the nomination and crush to repetitions. A unique message content, well concentrated, is adequate. Try to position against 5 concepts in a single content is a bad strategy. What do you sell in a particular page? What is the greatest single benefit that the target can get in front of others? In the case of Ana … it is that there are no places with excellent lattes outside Spain? And funny people? If you have 2 minutes, how they are these relevant messages for you entreat the Olympics?

When writing sales messages, you understand that time is limited and scattered human attention. Focuses well throw in something unique and key. Aimed at the specific target.

Repeats the words of value

Ana talked a lot about “comfortable”, “pleasant”, “fun”, “experience”, “celebrate”, “soul”, etc. They are all words that can function and form a powerful speech if a speaker utters as Obama. But without adequate argument and expression, they are in weak concepts and do not define a key issue. Do you really these words are important to my target? If you want to remember something, these concepts can differentiate? Spain abuses boring and repeated concept that we are a beautiful country, and fun to shop around. It not always is selling the Sun Benidrom. This time it was the Olympics.

If we seek to emphasize something, you have to locate the key message, extract the really important words we want to recur frequently and arrange them in the proper way. In terms of SEO and online communication, Ana Botella working on your page to sell the room of a 5 star hotel, increasing the density of the words “rest”, “a great hot water bath” or “weekend relax” when the strategy most opportunist would use other clear ideas as “luxury hotel”, “book 5 stars”, “luxury hotel with pool”.

The idea of marketing to sell “experiences”, based on which the speech is trite and they do not think it was the best strategy for direct speech, without other visual support resources in such a short time.

Make use of your unique resources

Unfortunately, English is not the forte of Ana Botella. The narrative does capabilities. The sympathy of the people of Spain is not exactly a fortress, because there are quite nice people in many places. When submitting a sales message in an application and SEO, you have to find them. How about a SWOT analysis? This type of analysis is conceptually simple and understated, is the first tool strategy (with porter 5 forces) when planning a business or selling any message.

When defining sales messages in SEO, the focus of particular content or the whole of your idea online business, do your own SWOT analysis realistic.Discover what it is that really makes you unique and has value, and concentrated there your message and your product or service.

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