A strategy in social networks? Before you start, keep this in mind

Start in social networks is not easy, and even less when you try to make your company stand out and be known to such an audience.

Starting from this idea, the founder of Maximizar e-Services, Sameer Panjwani, highlights keys and basic and essential aspects before beginning to design the strategy to follow in social networks. From your point of view following these tips the companies will connect better with the audience and even the management of the different platforms will be much better.

In the first place, delegating the management of social networks to a professional does not imply that others can not participate in the different strategies or actions. The rest of the staff must also be involved . You can not launch a strategy on social networks without your template. In the short term it might make sense to delegate that responsibility to one person or department but in the long term that would not work.

We must bear in mind that social networks can have an impact on different aspects of the company itself, so our reactions and actions can influence the image of our brand. Customers and consumers can use them to complain, so it can also be conceived as a customer service channel. They can even be decisive when other companies decide if we can be a reliable or convenient partner for any synergy or alliance.

It is important to think about strategies, not tactics.

Tactics can be defined as objectives or concrete actions, while strategies instead are conceived as a longer term plan. It is a set of tactics that we can plan and implement in a coordinated manner under a planned strategy. Although the tactics are important, the strategy is much more.

Social networks need to be integrated within the marketing department.

Many people treat social networks as a secondary aspect in their strategic plan and with this thought they entrust the task to a person or team that has nothing to do with the rest of the marketing staff.

However, this is not the correct or most appropriate way to achieve the best results. When we talk about Social Media, apart from giving special value to social networks, we refer to the ability to act through multiple channels and media. Having a solid strategy will help to position the brand, generate traffic, achieve virality, etc … For all these reasons, the use of social media means that these have to be taken into account and be used within other strategies of marketing in companies.

It is a conversation.

Social networks are totally different from the way in which any traditional advertising strategy is conceived. With traditional advertising, companies try to transmit an inert message without interaction in a one-way communication. Social networks, on the other hand, involve a two-way conversation, a dialogue. It is a multiplatform that allows users to participate and companies to know how their brand is perceived from the outside.

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