Consumers demand web pages optimized for mobile

How a company presents itself online is as important as what it presents online, especially when we are talking about the mobile space.

According to a survey conducted by Kentico Digital, 85% of smartphone owners use their mobile devices to compare information about companies, products and prices before making a purchase. But when the time comes for the purchase, the price is not the only thing that is taken into account.

Consumers demand web pages optimized for mobileIn this sense, the data reveal that three-quarters of tablet and smartphone owners say that the company’s mobile web also has a relevant role at the time of making the purchase. When the customer reaches the website and finds that they are not optimized for mobile, 44% of tablet and smartphone users say they will never return to that page, and 52% would return very rarely.

Obviously, counting on making a website suitable for mobility is highly important. About two-thirds of consumers (63%) say they would rather buy before in a physical store than online. In fact, almost half (45%) of those who access a page on a mobile device, are doing so from the same physical store.

“This goes far beyond what companies do or sell online,” said Petr Palas, CEO of Kentico, in a press release. “If the pages are not adapted to mobility, there is a high risk that customers will establish contact with other brands and companies at that time, and that this relationship will also extend to desktop computers.”

Among devices, when shopping at them, consumers prefer those with large screens. Asked about which devices provide the best shopping experiences, 48% of respondents point to PCs, 40% prefer laptop, 9% tablets and only 3% say that phones enable the best hands-on experience. purchase.

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