How to Be a More Confident Public Speaker

If you want to be a more confident public speaker, you need to spend time in preparation. You must write down your thoughts and speak them out loud to yourself. Doing this will remove the negative inner dialogue, which reduces your confidence and makes you feel that you cannot speak in front of an audience. Moreover, you should challenge your own negative thoughts and try to eliminate them from your mind. There are a lot of effective speaking techniques that you can use in order to become a more confident speaker. For advice about Public Speaking Courses, visit

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Visualisation is one of the best ways to build your self-confidence. Visualise yourself giving a speech before a group of people, with an audience. In your visualisation, you must focus on your subject matter and the people in the audience. You should try to stay calm and relax as much as you can. You should also try to act naturally and engage the audience. You should be yourself, and do not be afraid to smile or engage in conversations.

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When talking to a large crowd, look over the crowd’s eye line. This will make it seem like you are speaking to all the people present, and it will minimise your awareness of how large the audience is. Moreover, it will give you a boost in confidence. Another tip for making a speech in front of an audience is to know what to do with your hands and body language. There are public speaking courses that can help you with these techniques.


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