How to create a powerful homepage

A good first impression is important in lots of situations. With many visitors directed to the homepage of your website through marketing, search and links, it is the space you most need to ensure showcases your business and brand effectively.

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Home in on your personality

Make sure visitors to your site know they are in your environment. Make sure they are comfortable and you are not trying to make them do something they don’t want to with wild flashing colours and anxious copy, but do use fonts, images and colours that describe your brand and make the homepage feel like your space.

Don’t be afraid to design a look and feel that is slightly different to competitors in your market. While your homepage needs to reassure visitors that you are professional in a certain field and capable of delivering the product or service you are selling, such as web design Swindon, it is also a place where you can identify your uniqueness and what makes you different from and better than your competitors.

Look for a Web design swindon company that can help you to design a layout and produce content that explains your business and what people can achieve with your site.

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Next decide whether you want to show everything about your brand on the one page, with a lengthy homepage for visitors to scroll through, or do you want to entice them with only highlighted content that links to secondary pages?

Whatever option you go for, don’t overload the homepage space with miles of text. With the words you use, consider including a personalised message to visitors or at least a greeting showing them that you are happy to have them visit your site.

Web design trends

According to Creative Bloq, animation is the number one design trend for websites in 2018. With GIFs as logos or header images, a moving image will catch your visitors’ attention.

Once you have designed the homepage of your site, the design principles it uses in the navigation, footer and the framework it establishes can be applied to content pages and hubs of content across your site. It is important that visitors get a coherent and seamless experience when they choose to visit your website.

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