Influential public purpose or To whom directing our strategy of Social Media?

Social Media is much talk of influential or “Influencers”. It is true that, through the dimension of greater or lesser network structure are important for a particular niche and that can accelerate or reduce the purchase decision of customers and also help make or break the online reputation of brands. In this situation, companies are aware of this and many try to “entertain them” with gifts or discounts to try to gain their trust and speak well of them, because they are more effective and cheaper to do mass actions advertising medium.

Influential public purpose or To whom directing our strategy of Social MediaAs a demonstration we have a Nielsen study showing that trust in traditional advertising plummets and largely dominates the recommendations online and offline level. Therefore, the less important Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing and want. However, I believe that companies do not realize that the real success of a trend lies not only in the influential, but rather those who follow them and, more specifically, in the “early-adopters” or early adopters.

Following the theory of diffusion of innovations in Everett Rogers (applicable to ideas, technologies, business models, etc.), early-adopters determine the success or failure of something. In addition, there is a consistent correlation with the theory that life cycle of a product or industry. It is therefore important to be aware of the “Disruptive Innovation”, know what moves them and how to convey a value proposition tailored to what they really want. They not love you for what you do, but what they get. Not to forget something that rarely succeeds at the initiative of one person. A successful trend needs the approval and recommendation of several people simultaneously.

Realize that people are socially programmed. What the other has a great influence on us. We see the fashions, the influence of celebrities in advertising, to see places full confidence to make a decision, etc. Internet has amplified this and, therefore, win the Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT it is key. And this is achieved by acting with honesty, consistency, active listening, offering good content, etc …

Ultimately, what really matters is knowing who it is for our product and how that person interacts with others. Although good content is subjective, making a well-focused content relevant to our target audience is not so. If our product is aimed at a particular demographic group, then create a content that is attractive to them makes more sense to direct randomly to everyone (as reflected in the Theory of Long Tail or long tail). It is not a matter of being too conscious of the influential, but to listen and to target people based on who they like, because this will increase the chances of passing information about our content to others (especially through social networks ). As Madonna says in his song “Give Me All Your Luvin” the only ones who can give success are your followers, your target audience. They are the ones who have the power and the challenge is to give them something that meets your needs and, if possible, to exceed your expectations.

The challenge is to give them what they want and get to fall in love to get “evangelize” your brand. Apple does this very well identifying needs and knowing how to inspire (as shown in the famous “Golden Circle” from Simon Sinek). You see, influencers are just the starting point. Influence by the fact that they have similar tastes and confidence of his followers. Without followers, they are nothing in Social Media.

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