Marketing YES, cheating NO

We live in a world where only the strongest is who triumphs. Not even if you have to be, with pretending is enough. The departments that develop the products (R & D) of large companies, do not waste time thinking whether that toy will be really educational, or if the new console game will have side effects in children and adolescents who practice it, not It matters too much if the sophisticated 3G mobile of last generation emits harmful radiations, or if the new soft drink of cola creates addiction to some substance or until developing pathologies in the future.

It does not matter anymore, only that it has a good image? ? and what is selling well? is the only thing that prevails. When we decide to launch a product or a series of services to the market, we must stop to think a moment and be able to analyze if we are really going to contribute something positive to our society, or otherwise, if we are really going to cover any need that the market needs.

Today it is difficult to find a campaign that says something like: ??? Constructions Lopez, we take care of every detail, we build slowly and we are very expensive? or something like ?? Plumbing Paco, the cheapest, although we do not offer guarantee of our work and it takes a long time to come in case of breakdown ?? Clearly, this type of advertising would be the ante-type of campaign that any company would like to receive.

Use the topics of: The most effective, the fastest, the ones that have more experience, the ones that offer more guarantees and endless qualities in series ?? that most people do not even react to it. They imagine a publicity campaign where everything that was offered was transparent and sincere: Real Estate Solmar, maybe we do not have what you are looking for, but we can try to find it ?? Or something like: Automobiles Sáiz: we know that one day your car will be damaged, that we can not avoid it, but we will fix it as quickly as possible ??

The reason why many advertising campaigns do not work does not depend on the companies that they are developed do not do their job well, if not because the message they offer, is nothing more than a repetition after another than what another company in the same sector is offering in these same instants. The key is, first to observe that needs the market, with which products or services we can cover a gap that exists at this time, and then

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