Online sales depend on the color that reflects your web

The user purchase and download applications by 66% as always to have the same color you like.

If there everyone likes to generate clicks shopping at an online trading is nothing like hitting with tonality. And, as indicated by Juan Merodio one of the greatest professionals in America in Marketing and Web 2.0 and social networks, so important it is to have a quality product or service how the way we have to present it.

“The small details, which many businesses are not taken into account, are most end up weighing on the balance of our accounts. The visitor ended up buying or not any of our products or services depends on so subliminal and decisive factors as the color of our corporate portal or elements. A suitable color that a user decides to stay or not browsing our website and thus ends up buying or walking away.”

Online sales depend on the color that reflects your webMerodio as the heart continues to weigh much more than rationality when purchasing goods. So much so that makes use of a recent study like Quick Sprout who discovers “that the user purchases and applications downloaded by 66% always up and when these have the color you like or that about 90% of deciding to make a purchase factors are psychological and have to do with color. Purchasing decisions are taken within 90 seconds after seeing a product and 90% of that decision is made based on the color we’ve seen, “adds Merodio.” It comes to increase the conversion rate on purchases up to 21% by changing the button on the call to action from green to red.”

So, what colors are most generate sales in e-commerce? Juan Merodio these must be chosen depending on the target audience to which we turn and the product itself but especially depending on the values we want to convey.”Based on these factors we must choose between yellow for youth. The blue for loyalty, trust and hence the appearance of the largest social networks such as LinkedIN, and Facebook Twittter have chosen (although the latter case adds that apparently Zuckerberg is colorblind and is the color that best distinguishes) white for transparency and cleanliness, orange for action (is widely used in online stores for Call to action), the black to convey exclusivity, sophistication and luxury, rose to do with the feminine and green for confidence.”

The opposite side is the less desirable colors. “There are other colors like red that convey urgency, immediacy that have that have to do with aggression and therefore should be used with great care as they also evoke negative or dangerous.”

Finally nothing likes to note that gender and range of colors also they have much to do with success or not shopping. “While women love the blue or green light ranges and violet, men drink winds by these two colors as well as black. At the other end they detest orange, brown or gray and they add both colors violet “concludes Merodio.

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