Secrets of e-mail marketing: How to get leads in quantity and quality

Getting a broad and quality distribution list is not easy, but who told you that this e-mail marketing was simple. The leads are the basis of e-mail marketing, if you know in advance where your user is, the message will undoubtedly go direct and have greater chances of success. So activate all your neurons and do your best to come up with creative ways to get your potential customers to provide you with their valuable email address. 

Here are a few proposals to open your mouth …

Offer in exchange something that you value especially. If the final reward is worth it, you will overcome the initial reluctance of the user to provide your personal information. For example, you can create an ebook, with useful information and a very suggestive title, whose download is completely free, provided, of course, by prior subscription.

Give him a discount or a gift he can not refuse. Create exclusive offers for new subscribers, such as discount coupons, free shipping or a welcome gift. This type of hooks work very well, people do not usually resist offers.

The subscription newsletter is a great claim. If you offer high value information, rest assured that the public will want to have it in their inbox. It takes care of the contents and its periodicity and there will be no lack of new readers who request to receive them.

Get your customers to refer you to their contacts. You can launch a campaign among your users to reward their recommendations. Of the type “Invite your friends to be part of our club”. For example, inform them that for each friend that comes from you, there will be a discount for both. With this initiative you will fulfill a double objective; On the one hand you will reinforce the brand image and the feeling of belonging to the community, and on the other, you will increase your database. In addition, these new contacts, when referred by a trusted source, will show a certain predisposition to accept your communication actions.

Save as gold in cloth the queries of your contact form. The customer records that request information, make a query, or formulate a budget request are being served on a platter; you have already managed to awaken their interest, they will gladly receive the promotions you send them.

The abandoned carts are in themselves a great opportunity to win a customer. Although it is hard to believe, a high percentage of users who do not complete the purchase is likely to be recovered, as long as you know how to win them. Therefore, keep these buyers interruptus safe and give them preferential treatment.

Organize contests and sweepstakes. They are an attractive way to launch the hook in search of new contacts. Look for an attractive prize and design a promotion that encourages participation. If the occasion deserves it, the subscribers will be shown participatory.

Increase the reach of your campaigns to capture leads. Reinforce these and the rest of promotional actions that you put in place with the insertion of banners on high visibility websites related to your sector; or in large generalist portals. The chances of getting new contacts will increase exponentially.

What is your strategy to expand your distribution list?

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