SMEs become increasingly mobile in its main source of Internet access

This is one of the conclusions drawn from the study “Digital Marketing and SMEs” middle QDQ conducted between a base of 1,084 customers in order to meet the commitment of SMEs by the digital marketing to drive their businesses, and in which it also shows that 98.5% of SMEs values the importance of businesses have a website.

Queries and searches still gaining ground on social networks

According to this study, when browsing, searches and queries are placed first for SMEs (53% use mostly to search versus 26% than it does to manage social networks of your business). Behind banking transactions (13%) and online shopping (7%) are located.

SMEs become increasingly mobile in its main source of Internet accessMore and more entrepreneurs who bet on mobility

If we pay attention to the devices with which SMEs access the network, 45% of employers do with your computer, while 39% has turned your mobile phone on your main network access. As for tablets, only 13% of respondents access the network through them, while only 2% of SMEs use the smart TV.

“An increasing number of SMEs and freelancers who become mobile in their main source of Internet access is higher,” says Emeritus Martinez, Director of Marketing QDQ half. “Entrepreneurs and small business simplicity and mobility demand and therefore it is essential to offer the right tools and advice to enable them to manage their online activity anytime and anywhere,” he says.

Product catalog, content management and promotions: the services most valued by SMEs to their websites

The study reveals that 70% of respondents consider the product catalog the most important service within their website, followed by the content manager -valorado very positively by 62% of the sample. Behind promotions (59%), free (56%) calls, request budgets (56%), publication of news (55%), integration with social networks (51%) and digital media (51%) are located.

In the words of Martinez Emeritus, “Today, for SMEs the opportunity to present their products or services is the main reason for their online presence. In addition, the trends point beyond the classic catalog, with for example the content manager or integration with social networks two factors of vital importance for more than 50% of them. “

More than half of SMEs indicate generating visits to the web as the main contribution of online advertising

The study also compared the different contributions of online advertising to the websites of SMEs according to their own SMEs. The results show that 56% of SMEs consider that the main contribution of online advertising is creating web visits, valued almost on par customer acquisition (55%). It is followed by increased sales (52%) and branding (45%).

 The aim of this study is none other than obtaining an X-ray of the trends and concerns of SMEs to effectively respond to them. The findings of this study are based on surveys conducted on a total of 1,084 companies, of which 51% have fewer than 10 employees, 43% are self-employed, 5% are between 10 and 50 employees and 1% are companies with more than 50 employees. 75% of surveyed companies have a history of more than 5 years.

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