Starting your own business

When it comes to starting your own business there are a number of things that you will need to consider from the legal set up of your business through to where you are going to work from. In most cases start up businesses tend to begin in a home office and there are a number of things that you will want to purchase to make this as effective as possible.

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Operator Chair and desk – having the right desk setup is incredibly important not only for your productivity levels but also for the health of your back, neck and shoulders. Trying to sit at a dining table with your laptop is going to have an effect on your posture that will negatively impact your torso and shoulder areas over time.

Telephone connection – you might like to work from your mobile or may have a dedicated line put in for your business work. You can utilise voip technology or skype in the first instance to save yourself some money. The benefit of both of these is that if you get an office base at some point your telephone can simply move with you.

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Storage – if you have items that you use for work  you will want to think about the best way to store these so that they are available for use when you need them but safe and secure at all other times. This is especially important if they are sensitive bits of information that you need to secure as a part of the GDPR regulations.

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