The 10 steps to change your lives

Each of us spends an average of 13 hours a week on email. This, added to a long list of tasks to accomplish, and hours and hours of unnecessary meetings and unexpected interruptions, creates a background noise that prevents productivity, inhibits creativity and contrasts between you and your day that you same dream of having. So what can you do to get out of this situation? Simply take a deep breath, imagine the life you would like to have, and define a concrete plan that will make it real.

We offer 10 tips that can help you regain control and create the life you dream of, both professional and personal.

1. Define success

Only you know what makes you happy. When you want to achieve a goal, which is launching a new business, writing a book or being able to run a marathon, started having clear ideas on the goal you want to achieve. Write it on a sheet of paper and processed every day in that direction.

2. Visualize success

Head back down memory lane to a time when you felt really proud of yourself. Now imagine the best possible outcome for your new adventure and keep that feeling of pride; then imagine yourself. E ‘for the “future you” you have to work.

3. Forget your rights

You are not destined to succeed because you have attended some college or you have some background or a plethora of contacts. Do not think that what you want will fall straight to the head or are most deserving of someone else. Focus on your work seriously or risk losing great opportunities.

4. Think small to think big

You cannot load your ultimate goal directly on the shoulders, and think only of that. Ask yourself small milestones and proceed steadily towards your goal. Think of being able to achieve much in a short time could bring to failure.

5. Perseverance is vital

Procrastination can quickly turn into panic and prevent your brain to think clearly. Not good either for your creativity or for your health. Get up early and dedicated to each soup the right time.

6. Reasoned by priority

Carry out the tasks before most urgent or most important ones. Even if you can think of to accomplish the tasks at once rapid, the ability to concentrate is often higher for the day. Study your peak productivity and organize your agenda accordingly.

7. Delegates

You cannot do everything you. Think about what someone else can do it for you, both at work and in your private life, and learn to delegate giving you more time to focus on new priorities.

8. Find supporter

To facilitate your journey, locate friends, colleagues and relatives with your own mindset and celebrate with you the successes, sharing their opinions on your project. Support can come from the most unlikely sources. Be sure to be open to every possibility.

9. Try and try again

If you feel you have put too many irons in the fire stop and engaged your concentration on one task at a time. Try to work every day on a single project and you will be surprised by the amount of work that you will carry out.

10. Keep the motivation

To keep the focus and overcome any setback, build yourself a “manual of motivation.” In addition a set of quotes from people that inspire you or a playlist of songs that will increase your creativity and productivity, create an environment that stimulates you.

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