The strategy of delivering benefits to fans

At this point it would not be wrong to state that for a company, an SME, a project or personal enterprise, it is essential and even mandatory to have a Fan Page of your brand. A business page on Facebook has the basic objective of publicizing the brand identity in this giant social network and establishing links with fans, which some will stop being simple fans to become potential customers of the products or services of the brand. However, achieving this identification is not easy, even for the Community Manager, who is the professional fit for that task.

As announced a few weeks ago  Socialbakers, in the last two years, the presence of brands and businesses on Facebook has increased from 5 to 60%. But even so, these companies continue to use Facebook as a brand promotion channel rather than as an “ideal” platform to establish a direct relationship with their customers, losing sight of the main characteristic of this social network, precisely “the social field” (As with Twitter and Google).

The strategy of delivering benefits to fansThe Fan Page as a business community on Facebook

As in any community, users share similar elements and tastes. If a brand has fans it is because there was something that caught their attention, liked or interested what the brand has to offer. And this is where the link between the brand and the fan is born. For fans of any Fan Page of any company, it is important to feel identified at the same level. The fan wants to feel equal to equal with the brand. Speak the same language and share the same interests. As a brand, listening to the fans and responding to them in some way, is essential.

As an objective result, generates engagement and  generate Engagement , along with  the loyalty of fans  and subsequent conversion of these fans to customers are almost always the main objectives of a brand on Facebook. If we add the market research that can be extracted from the correct use of the Fan Page, the brand will have the key elements to generate a strategy that will not only provide presence in the social network (and new fans) You can stand out from your competition. But highlighting is not easy and depends a lot on corporate identity. We understand  Highlight synonymously with “Hook”  because just the brands that stand out less on Facebook are those to which costs them engage their fans. Keep them attentive and active to the time line of your Fan Page. It remains in the role of the CM to explain to his employer, his company, that it will always be more important to have an active community, than a large number of fans who do not interact with the brand, who do not comment or share the content of this. That is why a correct communication strategy should promote the interaction of the fans with the Fan Page.

Brands want more fans to have more sales, while fans want profits.How we do?

Ardua task for the CM. It is often difficult to keep fans loyal to a brand, attentive and participatory in the community, when (many times) the brand does not have “something to tell”. Let’s face it, you do not always be witty, or touch on topics that explode in comments and likes. And this depends on several factors that directly involve the target of fans of that particular brand. This is where the use of tools that allow you to turn a fan page into an interactive site comes into play. In which the fan enters the Fan page to interact with the brand and take something instead. We underline “taking something instead” because that is what fans are looking for many times. To benefit. And there will be many and will do better those fans who will participate in your community when you are incentivating them with a prize, with a profit.

A club benefits  (similar to eg club benefits of a credit card, where users earn points for their purchases and then access awards for the use of the card) but mounted directly on a fan page will allow Users interact with the brand, participating in challenges, questions, games that are generally fun and obtain for their participation points that will then transform them into their own benefits, redeeming those points for prizes, shopping vouchers, discounts, or products that the brand has for Offer them. The fan will viralizar, increase the edge of the page of Facebook and will become a reference of the brand, obtaining for its part incentive benefits.

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