Why does not anyone want me in social networks?

That’s what the owner of an SME should think, dazzled by the flashes and colored lights of social networks, he sees the astonished months pass with the same followers in their profiles.

The issue of verification of results (the blessed ROI), is the first concern of the managers of hundreds of companies. They say that a good answer depends on how good the question is, so we highlight some questions and tips to reflect and you can better guide your actions.

Have you raised what is your main goal to enter social networks?

  • Improve your positioning in Google?
  • Resolve any online reputation problem?
  • Get distributors?
  • Generate leads?
  • Improve your customer service?

Not because all these things can not be achieved, but because each one of them needs a different strategy. And therefore, different actions.

Do you have a measurable and quantifiable goal? And can you set a deadline for compliance?

Have you chosen the right keywords for your goal? This is very important. See if you can not add some complementary ones that better focus the conversion. Maybe, the ones you have selected are very generic or have a lot of competition.

The order starts at home. Therefore, internally communicate your intentions to your employees, customers and collaborators.

Have you identified your internal evangelizers? You may have a real influencer in your ranks, and you have not given the possibility of joining your cause. It establishes a policy of use and internal collaboration in social networks . Your employees should be your best fans. If not, you have a problem to solve before taking the step.

Include your networks in your printed materials . But beware, putting the logos of Facebook, Twitter, etc., is useless. Even worse, it includes links to the networks. Obviously, for that you must first ask for the vanity URL of your Facebook page before.

If you have a good email database, prepare an official notification of your intentions within social networks and links to them, explaining what will be the advantage of becoming a fan of your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter.

Optimize your budget . If you can not have a continuous presence, instead of posting many tweets with links to the day, reserve that time to interact with the other users and “converse” with them.

Search Twitter lists generated by other users and analyze if you are not interested in subscribing to it to follow those users closely.

Find your moment within your networks . The established prime time may not work for you because of the type of your followers.

Without falling into spam or intrusion, interact as a page from others within Facebook.

It invests a logical amount of euros in Facebook advertising. It has segmentation possibilities that allow you to almost secure future engagement with the new fan.

In addition to all this, you have to keep in mind that only between 10 and 15% of your actions will get a reaction from your followers. Instead, you should look for the results by reading beyond the simple “I like” or RT . You may have directed many people to your website, many may have commented on your video on YouTube, many may have seen or downloaded your Slideshare presentation. You can even have a blogger have highlighted your presence in networks with an entry in your blog.

Regardless of what it may seem, we are all apprentices and there are no magical recipes (luckily). Therefore, nothing wrong with you being wrong. But be quick, apologize and keep trying, because there is no going back in the way of communicating with your current and potential clients.

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