10 mistakes to avoid at all costs to succeed in e-commerce

E-commerce is one of the main routes of expansion – and perhaps survival – of businesses in the immediate future – possibly longer – in the present. But not all ecommerce firms are approaching with equal fortune to online sales. The terrain is new and therefore unexplored and making mistakes is easier than when stepped those who already have more than tours.

Do not enter the e-commerce is an error of weight and shows not much foresight. Some companies have focused their attention on the physical point of sale, because that’s what makes them different. But exceptions, brands that can afford to stay out of electronic commerce, very few.

Riding an online store may not be as complicated when you already have a physical store. At the end of the day it comes to selling, as is done in a physical establishment, but following a slightly different game rules. The main lines are the same, such as having a good product, betting for optimal customer or know how to respond to your exact needs, but there are some glaring errors that should be avoided and must be added to list things to consider in the field of electronic commerce.

Not meet expectations

The main problem that online stores face is not meet promised or suggested to the consumer. At this point come from the brand image (can not be shop luxurious air and then offer the rest of the steps of purchase conditions brand low cost) to meet what has been sold (the photos and descriptions of the products should be sacred to the seller: it’s all that the consumer will have to know what you are buying).

When selling online have to bear in mind everything that is being or suggesting assuring the buyer that will, both from the point of view of purchase to target the most subjective experience, and fulfill at all times.

Make the buying process a gymkhana

Some online stores want to squeeze the most visitors, get all possible data and get not just one but two products carried in your purchase. Not worth it. The consumer will end up getting angry and forgetting its intention to purchase. The process should be simple and simple: add to cart, add and pay (and in the latter, the fewer complications have better payment). You need only look at what he is doing Amazon: consumers just have to give in one click and buy all you want is yours.

Have to look how long the shipping (and what it will cost)

One of the main consumer concerns ecommerce is when and how much will your order. These data may end up influencing for good and evil in the purchase decision and are one of the first reports looking at the online store. Hide this data on some dark footer or not to let the customer know what you have to pay or time you have to wait until the last moment is a mistake.

The impact on brand image is potentially negative: what not hide an online store that will not let me know what you charged me until I make the effort to seek the complex table that have hidden? That’s what I think of customer. Do you find that information in the first glance when you decide to look for or add it next to the product prices will reinforce the idea that the online store in question is trustworthy.

Shipping charge

It is not a secret. Send a package has a cost, no matter who we send. And send a packet in a couple of days is even more expensive than doing it by much slower mail. Customers know they receive your purchase will leave the company that sends it for a price, but seeing the rate of shipments – and having to add it to the final purchase – is one of the elements more deterrents you may have to buy in trade electronic.

Obviously, ecommerces must amortize that expense, but can do so without evidence it to the consumer. Make the shipment is free from certain price or set free shipping for all purchases (having added this variable when setting prices) will help improve the perception the user has of the mark.

Poor service delivery

No matter how much you sell or how wonderful it is your portfolio of products if, once purchased and shipped, is left in the hands of poor service delivery. Although the delivery service is usually outsourced, since few companies turn to create a logistics division within the company, their mistakes and failures end up taking its toll on e-commerce brand. We must be vigilant with companies that are responsible for delivering products and try to get the best possible quality and efficiency.

Sometimes, problems in delivery no possible solution. For example, the wave of bad weather that is now shaking the same part of the peninsula is impacting how they are making purchases online shoppers these days are dealt. In such situations it is best to be transparent and share with the user what is happening and the consequences it could have. Amazon has warned consumers who have purchased these days of problems, for example.

A packaging below expectations

But if the service delivery is out of the hands of the signing of ecommerce, packaging is not and is, however, one of the points that most e-commerce companies (including large) fail. First and foremost is that the packaging is ready to protect the product and to reach the consumer intact. There is nothing worse impression causing a box arrives dented or dirty or to which you have taken off parts or has been opened by areas.

Moreover, the packaging must not only be resistant to travel, you must also meet the expectations. Useless care how the consumer perceives the mark on the web or direct communications if after a cardboard box or a padded envelope is sent either. The packaging must also respond to brand values.

Consumer forget once you’ve sold

The first mistake would be to not customize purchases. Address in emails using a generic, the estimated type customer or even worse estimated / customer / To and then your full name, is an error denoting little interest by the user, especially when there are tools that allow the automation but with more level of customization. The close and personal touch can go to the final packaging, as some startups quite successfully.

But the biggest mistake would be to forget the consumer once the sale is closed. The sale does not end until the client receives the packet and is happy with it. It is important to have an efficient service client, with clear performance protocols and does not allow any complaint or issue remains unresolved. Also we should always offer solutions to consumers, fast and does not require you to make great efforts to solve their problems.

Anyway, think that the relationship is over once sold nor delivered would be very successful. A first purchase is the introduction to what, if proper care, can become a beautiful friendship.

Do not put clearly and simply who you are

The who we are and contact tools are the key solutions customers have to know that the online store behind someone trustworthy. Hide or not clearly put this information only help to create a negative image and generate distrust. Also, choose a contact form instead of a more direct way to get to the store will result negatively.

Do not count on a good search engine and do not offer products related

The elements of technology and design of the online store will be essential in order to sell but are also key when building the image of it. A good search engine will help consumers to find what they want and related products will allow you to find other things that may be interested, so they are basic when to cash.

Similarly, its existence – or rather its proper existence – are allowing the consumer to know that is before a fully professional platform (and serious) sale and do not give an amateur look to its contents.

It is overwhelmed by criticism and negative comments

Although work on firm and although all gotten tips are followed and for possible, however, something goes wrong and the criticisms appear. Do not be overwhelmed by the negative comments and we must find a solution to all of them. A negative comment can be an opportunity to win back a customer.

However, if the negative comments and criticisms become a flood, if the mark is buried by them, it would be the time to stop and reflect. Well the saying goes. When the river sounds, water bears. And if everyone says you’re doing something wrong, it is very likely true.

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