10 Points they have in common all successful bloggers

When we talk about bloggers successful, we are referring to a person who has managed to build productive habits around his words, based on his own story often and after a long career has included blogging in their daily lives and in their life in general.

For these bloggers successful, your blog is not just a space where they post often but ultimately embody much of his professional life in his blog. Blogging is a lifestyle to be cultivating and nurturing content to go about building a community of readers with a solid connection and two – way benefit, where the blogger provides relevant content and readers is created accompany him on the trip taking with a range of knowledge.

10 Points they have in common all successful bloggersCommon points in having all bloggers success

If we analyze the most successful blogs we can extract the following points in common:

1- Perseverance: I know this first point in common is very typical but possibly the most important. All major bloggers have had to insist a lot and produce a lot of content steadily to reach a privileged position in the world of blogging.

2- Passion for blogging and the subject matter: this I will tell you all the “gurus” of blogging, if there is no passion you will not get anything because you expect many days it takes out article, blogging at odd hours and receiving criticism often unjustified. The passion for the subject for which you write is what can counter this.

3- Patience and long – term vision: Unless you’re a genius to touch you live this stage you will seem that no one on the other side reading and patience will be your main ally. As for the long-term vision, a little detail, try to measure your reader’s % growth rather than absolute numbers that will give a more realistic perspective.

4- The reader is the center of all professional blogger answers to all requests, makes some concessions when possible, and often asks about some issues to your readers. It is very clear where the source of its success is.

5- “Lead by example” a good blogger does not recommend anything I have not tried before. Transparency is a key to continue having the confidence factor readers.

6- Keep the focus on blogging: some bloggers when they get some recognition lost a little in collateral activities such as lectures, parallel companies or other media such as radio, TV … all these projects can help keep feeding the blog but excess can lose focus on the most important: to provide quality content.

7- They have very clear your target audience and how to address it: most do not fall into too many technicalities. Some bloggers make the mistake of wanting to impress through the blog as they peer experts and content may be valuable but then you can give an image of inaccessible expert. It is then not just connected with the audience.

8- Great skills for online networking: the important bloggers have fluid communication with many people every day and feel comfortable attending to their community of readers apart from fraternizing with other experts in the field.

9- Usually convey their own personality: the top bloggers are genuine and authentic characters. They are shown as they really are; do not hide the issues that concern you or your hobbies for example. Thus the reader gets more and more pieces of the way of being the author giving more strength to content.

10- Insatiable Creativity: how many articles, photos, graphics resources, fonts or even hours of audio or video recording takes to be a recognized blogger? It is much content is needed, so that his head is a great generator of ideas that cannot be stopped because if you do the blog dies and everything vanishes.

A highlight above all, is the great capacity for self improvement and learning has all these bloggers. They know they can always do better and post your best is yet to come. That spirit is what makes them invincible in the blogosphere and be appreciated as important figures in the sector.

What are the key aspects for you to be a successful blogger?

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