10 Points they have in common all successful entrepreneurs

Before moving on to list those for me are the 10 points they have in common all successful entrepreneurs, I would define two previous questions you should ask anyone who wants to take right before doing so. The answers to these two questions are what will hold everything you do and then define your personal identity as an entrepreneur:

  • Why you embark if necessity or just for money you have a problem because these reasons will vanish if you find work for example. There must be a genuine and noble reason to hold all future adversities.
  • What is your main goal? What is success for you? This part is also very important because success is not the same for everyone. For some respect and prestige they are above some monetary goals or scope of the project.

10 Points they have in common all successful entrepreneursThe 10 points have in common all successful entrepreneurs

If we made a series of quick interviews with many successful entrepreneurs asking about the skills and characteristics that have helped them to be where they are today, some accounts would be these:

1- “They have a master” in the art of negotiation: A successful entrepreneur knows “get” what you need for your business every time you sit at a table to negotiate. This is an art and must be handled very well all the emotions implied in these processes with this but they move like fish in water.

2- Management of Uncertainty: An entrepreneurial project there are many questions along the way and therefore:

  • Know design plans B and C in parallel when there are major doubts clear: they are farsighted
  • Their clothes torn and not know how to work in these conditions because they know that it is “part of the game”

3- Ability to “go back in 2a’s parts”: If I may use the football metaphor, good entrepreneurs when the first part ends and are losing 3-0, not demoralized and field sprint onto aware that they can be traced. Not only that, they also know that if they do come out stronger from this situation.

4- Visualize the 3 unique essential ingredients for starting a business: Simplistically seen: a passion + skill + market willing to pay for it business opportunity.

5- Communication skills + PR + motivation: All this is put in the same bag as everything has the same main objective: to develop a committed, balanced and talent necessary equipment.

6- They know their limits and complement their shortcomings: An entrepreneur who is believed superman with superpowers to reach everything and do everything it is a problem. They can recognize what they are not good and properly complemented with different profiles covering those needs.

7- They know that the best investment is themselves: Want to know what is the only impossible to copy in a company? Human talent element. So why not invest in it? It is the same reason that Redbull cars are winning the last world of Formula 1 (because they have the best aerodynamic engineer).

8- Perfectly understand their customers: A successful entrepreneur knows its customers because it has been in your shoes many times. They know why they buy, when they buy and what they value of their products or services.

9- Their commitment to the project goes beyond a working day: The project lives with them, is not a way to earn money but rather a lifestyle. Take care of your project at all times and do not feel tired for it, most times clear.

10- Never lose the vision and business focus: On the same project may have multiple parallel opportunities that arise along the way but a good entrepreneur can distinguish which ones are worthwhile and which can lead to distractions on the important points of the business.

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