38% of online customers abandon their purchase if they have to register first

To encourage online sales, it is necessary to facilitate maximum buying process. A basic premise that not always take into account the retailers.

As recorded by the study of Skrill, about 4 out of 10 customers online (38%) was willing to leave abandoned your cart, if the online platform requires you to register before buying.

Concern about privacy of information is a determining factor for customers to complete the purchase process factor. 32% of them feel that companies ask too much information; unnecessary to buy online. Also, another important part (25%) distrusts the web is safe, and prefers to keep buying on another website.

38% of online customers abandon their purchase if you have to register firstOnline stores need to adapt to customer preferences

Another determining factor in the conversion of online stores is the payment system. 57% of customers prefer to pay by credit card. However, 28% of them cannot, and choose to leave your purchase, looking for another retailer that itself will provide the means of payment you want. A percentage that rises to 32%, if we focus on younger customers aged 18 to 24 years.

As a second option, online customers use the digital wallet to pay (29%), while only 2% opt first for the bank transfer.

Once again, young people are the ones who stand out for the use of digital media to buy. 14% always use the digital wallet for your purchases. Also, also it uses new media to shopping at traditional stores, such as mobile payments, used by 17%.

What other obstacles hinder the conversion of online commerce?

The study also indicates that a slow loading speed difficult greatly complete the online purchase. About half of clients (43%) choose to terminate the purchase process, if the website you are trying to formalize your order is very slow, or has problems of navigation.

Moreover, do not forget the important role of mobile devices at the time of purchase. MCommerce is an increasingly widespread practice. 20% of respondents plan to buy more with your device next year. According to the study conducted by ICF and eBay Enterprise, in the last 6 months, the percentage of consumers who made a purchase with your mobile phone increased from 59% to 70%.

This holiday season bodes well for mCommerce, as long as retailers provide the way to take clients to conversion. IBM estimates that for the first time this year, mobile devices recorded more than half of the visits of the online stores on Thanksgiving, which means a significant increase from 39.7% the previous year.

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