5 Smart Ways to Use Your Content

I will not discover the usefulness of content generation as a marketing strategy. Not even the importance of Inbound Marketing as a paradigm shift in the relationship between companies and their customers (current and potential).

I am much more interested in inquiring and sharing with you, some important aspects for the next step to generating content. Because I am convinced that the content alone, however good it may be; is useless and will be lost with total security, in the immensity of data that are generated by the second on the Internet.

5 Smart Ways to Use Your ContentObjective

There are many options for which you would have to start generating content as a communication strategy with your customers. But I have bad news for you. Your content is not for everyone, not forever, or for all platforms.

The contribution of value is discounted. It is the minimum and indispensable that you must offer your audience. However, depending on the specific objective you have (visibility, leads, conversion, etc.), you should focus on it differently.

If you want visibility, maybe your strategy will be to generate an ad on Facebook Ads or Twitter.

If your objective is to capture leads, you could generate an AdWords campaign that allows you to capture potential stakeholders, and associate it with a document of value, that to be downloaded, the user must fill out a form to collect their data.

If instead your problem is the positioning, you should focus on generating a lot (and good) content for your blog, and optimize it to achieve “please” Google.


How many times have you tried unsuccessfully to find news on a web site, only one day after you first saw it?

You should make it easy for people who use your content. Easy to read (enough justification on the Internet, please), easy to find and above all, easy to share.

If you create an infographic, to fulfill this premise of ease and at the same time gain incoming links; you could generate the code that people must copy to publish them on their website.


Many times I’ve heard the phrase “you can not pay Google to get first in organic results”. That, in principle is true. You can not pay with money. But you can pay with creative content.

A campaign, a promo, a video that is creative and breaks the monotony a little, can make you climb many steps at the same time on the ladder of organic positioning.

Worry about throwing prejudices out the window. Get out of convention and dare to do things differently.


Once we create creative content, targeted to my goal and easy to share; we can throw all our work overboard when uploading it to the Internet.

The correct labeling of all the material you upload, is almost as important as the content itself.

How many times have you found photos on Flickr under the name “4567_img.jpg”? Or videos on YouTube that are called “1234_vid.mp4”?

If you do not learn to correctly label your content (title, description, keywords, etc.), nobody, absolutely no one will find that material. Except by chance.

Each and every one of these texts, have to go in coordination with your objective and your strategy.


It’s no good that you believe huge amounts of content a week, if no one knows anything about you for three months.

There is a catastrophic data that says that 60% of new blogs are abandoned after 6 months. Why? Because it takes time, and very seldom that effort is well rewarded in the short term.

You must create a credible and compliant editorial plan and respect it rajatabla. Generate audience. Be aware of what new things you are going to tell him.

If you’re lacking inspiration, with the same keywords you’ve selected for your goals, set up a Google Reader account that provides you with fresh sources of information.

Generating useful content is your best weapon to build and sustain a solid community on the Internet. You must take it with the seriousness you deserve. Once you begin and see how your audience responds, they will guide you on the best path to creating new forms of content. If you are not good at writing, try the video, podcasts, infographics, reports, etc. Any material that allows you to start to configure yourself as a reference in your sector.

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