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5 Tips For Choosing Promotional Products

With so many promotional items to choose from, it might be difficult to decide what promotional products will be most effective for your business. You’ll have to consider what you hope to accomplish and choose the product to suit. Here are five tips that will help you to choose the best products.

Know What Your Customers Are Looking For

A recent survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association (PPA) revealed that customers what products that are useful, good quality, attractive and tasteful. If the products you choose do not meet any or all of the listed criteria, you might as well not give out the products at all. To do anything less would be a waste of your marketing dollars, since the people you’re trying to reach will not use the products.

Tips For Choosing Promotional Products

Apart from that, you can damage the prospects perception of your company if you hand out inferior products. So ensure that the products are attractive and of the best quality. There are some secondary characteristics mentioned in the survey that also address some other things that customers are looking for. They products should be convenient, unique, and durable.


How Will The Size Affect Your Company Information?

Promotional products are useless if you cannot print your company name, logo, address, and phone number. This crucial information makes it easy for others to find you when they need to. Promotional products that are smaller in size have less space for printing your information. Pens are convenient but there is very little space to get your message across. Water bottles and bags provide a huge space to print all the information you need. If you’re limited to a small space, use your logo instead of the company name to appeal to image conscious consumers.

Size Matters

As discussed in the aforementioned point, size matters when you want to make an impression. Smaller products are convenient to carry around but they provide less advertising space. The opposite is true for larger products; they offer more space for advertising but are not always easy to carry around unless they are articles of clothing. You must find the right balance between size and convenience.

Maximum Exposure

While it is good to have a promotional product that’s useful, you can give people an even better reason to keep using your product if you make it trendy. What trends are you seeing around you right now? In the summer time, cool and colorful water bottles are on trend at the gyms and parks. Think of the trends and find the promotional products to match to encourage use of the product and an increased exposure.

The Product Should Match Your Purpose

You cannot distribute promotional products without first having a solid strategy. What do you hope to accomplish by giving away the products? Do you plan to entice people into your local store, visit your website, something else? Get the product to match your purpose.

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