Businesses start to worry a lot more to retain customers

On more than one occasion we have seen how to get a new customer it is much more expensive than keeping an existing one. This has not been an impediment to companies to allocate much of their marketing budget in order to increase their bag of customers. However, we are finally witnessing a turn around the current client, a concern to keep and actions that help create loyalty.

Businesses start to worry a lot more to retain customersThus, the study of Oracle reflected trends on trade, highlighting the efforts by the company to improve the customer experience and get to keep him at her side. Thus, 42% of companies consider the fact keep customers as a success rate of its sales strategy. To improve the index, 62% of them already have specific programs to improve the customer experience, 35% are working to improve integration across all channels and another 25% plan to implement such measures in the next 12 months.

Moreover, the online survey in retail trade conducted by Forrester and reaffirms the previous actions. Thus, indicates that 51% of retailers working to improve page optimization, especially the purchasing process and offering alternative payment methods or improving the user experience when detailed knowledge of the product and interact with the 27% have implemented responsive design, in order to offer a omnichannel strategy.

The survey also reveals a greater concern for mobile users. 43% of these traders invest in mobile apps, optimized for these devices, analytical and conversion-oriented strategies.

These actions have yielded positive results soon, to the point that 58% recognized that improved the conversion rate of your page. 38% of it recognizes that mobile optimization has positively contributed to the increase. Furthermore, these results has also become noted in the rate of repeat purchase (52%) and the average amount of purchases (AOV) of these customers.

The figures show how the concern to improve the user experience translates into a significant increase in sales and loyalty by customers. Advantages that companies are increasingly aware, and are not willing to squander.

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