Electronic Commerce and Virtual Stores: Errors that depend on the Marketing strategy

The presence in social networks is not an alternative, it is an obligation, today, for those who seek to adopt entrepreneurship as the central axis of the new way of life.

New consumption habits conditioned by the influence that falls on products; goods, services and resources, whose raison d’etre is the satisfaction of other people’s needs.

New consumers, who are able to achieve the identification of needs for whose satisfaction is considered prepared, becoming producers simultaneously.

And … new concepts, new definitions for the terms of always “sales” “business” “quality of customer service” “marketing” “advertising” …

Social networks whose emergence is based on the staging of Facebook and Twitter specifically, support entrepreneurship as an inherent part of the human being, are those who harbor the needs, trends, news, data, knowledge, interaction, association … is in short, where all innovative ideas are born.

Now, if we leave slightly aside the satisfaction that a good reception in social media produces, how pleasantly empathetic the interaction can be and how deeply motivating are the constant learning processes to which we expose ourselves with each action in social networks and, we focus on the business as such … it is not surprising that social networks are even more essential for businesses based on e-commerce.

Virtual stores that, animated by the natural maturation of the “Low Cost” originally linked to tourism and financial products and today, so segmented and hyper expert, that achieves the construction of a new social order, are launched uninterruptedly into the virtual universe in search of an increase in its sales figures …

But … it is more frequent than we imagine that the process to consolidate a virtual store is not so simple, at that moment, the dust of Facebook stars, the Business of Linkedin, the Google+ exhibition and the increase of influence of Twitter, They do not seem to be enough … something is failing.

When the usual fails …

It is also more frequent than it seems that the possible errors in which we have incurred in the process of consolidating our virtual store, are very common and are due in their entirety to the underestimation of variables that today are more decisive than ever to achieve the trust.

And … this is essential, not in vain is one of the reasons that sustain the social movements of heterogeneous and transversal nature that advocate a change in the prevailing system where, trust is who opens the doors of leadership.

Virtual stores, online businesses, those brands for which success or failure is measured in post-sale figures, are obviously dependent on trust.

Marketing … much more than promotion

Marketing today has been transformed into that which shows how influential we are. Our texts are of higher quality the more tweets they accumulate, the more +1 they have and the more “I like” they show.

Brands are more influential the older (and balanced) their user lists. And this is equally valid for personal and professional brands.

Any marketing action that aims to meet more needs and that shows a real commitment to the policies that prevail in this new order through which we transit, is intended to generate the necessary confidence to be considered a reference.

The efficient management of user lists, the publication of a Newsletter, the proper administration of our email marketing strategies and the joint and ubiquitous balance of our actions in social media, are essential for virtual stores that depend on electronic commerce.

It is a very frequent mistake to lose the enormous potential of these actions or because of an inadequate analysis of the statistics of our virtual store, which prevents us from efficiently using applications and tools.

Another reason why our virtual store may not have the necessary conversion and therefore not generate the expected business, lies in not paying attention to the precepts that govern social SEO and therefore Web positioning.

It is important to remember that the derivation of traffic to Web sites is still led by search engines, specifically Google and that this classification today includes actions on social networks.

Therefore, the realization of an efficient social SEO in joint action with our marketing strategies, is essential to achieve that our virtual store is well positioned.

  • Adequate indexing
  • Proper and consistent use of keywords
  • Concrete description and in connection with social profiles
  • Links to social networks
  • Establishment of canonical pages (those that inform of a modification in the access URL avoiding being considered by the search engine as duplicate content)
  • Elimination of products that are not valid through a re-address 301.
  • substitution by products of similar characteristics previous information to the user.
  • Establishment of alerts to users linked to the brand of modifications in their products of interest
  • Simplify positioning to the search engine through the establishment of blocks on URLs that do not have relevant information for the robot.
  • Generation of the highest amount of high quality content, as well as the largest amount of social action
  • Ensure an adequate loading speed of the pages

In short, to achieve customer loyalty and constant access to new potential customers, is what makes the difference in virtual stores and they are very frequent errors that lead to the failure of many innovative ideas.

And there is no doubt that the flagging of customers is one of the permanent challenges of marketing and undoubtedly a determining factor in the success of a virtual store.

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