Entrepreneurship in social networks a challenge for 2016

Today more than ever companies understand that undertake social media campaigns can raise their audiences and consumers dramatically. However, start with no previous experience can be challenging.

When it comes to start planning a strategy, especially now that we are in the beginning of the year, it is important to understand where it is pointed social media during 2016.

Currently, it is necessary to consider plans that allow companies or SMEs offer new trends and make brands are able to capitalize. The point is that while social media is constantly evolving, the skills of the Community Manager of any company must evolve to the same extent.

Entrepreneurship in social networks a challenge for 2016Then I present what skills and key steps that every company must take into account when thinking about undertaking social networks.

How to take in networks

Listen always be an important starting point. Success in social media requires more listening than telling. Read what the target audience and join public conversations are important to know what they want. Only then, you can begin to devise a strategy that meets your needs and contribution to this dialogue.

Focus is a big difference between success and failure of any enterprise social networks. It is better to specialize and become strong to be weak trying to be part of all persuasions. A tightly focused strategy and a plan to build a strong brand have a better chance of success than a strategy to try to reach all things to all people marketing.

Patience is a key word. The success in social networks does not happen overnight, you need a lot of work to succeed and begin to see monetization networks bring to companies.

Influence is what any entrepreneur hopes on all networks. Taking the time to meet the influencers in the market in which the brand is developed and have among its target audience of the company or SMEs, it is indispensable. Trying to establish alliances with them can be a key differentiation in the success of the strategy in networks.

Value is what you seek audiences when surf the Internet. If you invest the time talking directly to the product and what it offers, people stop listening. It is important to add value to the conversation. Focus less on conversion and more on creating great content that will generate lasting relationships with communication leaders of the target. Eventually these people will become a great source of information by word of mouth for business.

Channel Management. Any environment in which a company or SME is published is a channel, that includes all social networks. This year has much effect on understanding and know how to manage very well each channel by which manufacturers seek publish content. Social networks are expanding their view. New features and releases mean a permanent review of the channels and how brands advertise on them.

On the other hand, you can bet that a new network immediately arise and you need to get with it and analyze how the brand has no place within this new channel and how it can generate innovative content taking advantage of the launch of the network.

Customer. Many businesses forget that social networks represent today one of the most important channels of customer service. When a consumer has a negative or positive experience with a product is dumped directly into their networks to publish it. A clever and intelligent strategy includes the offer-personalized attention to complaints and suggestions of each consumer networks. Additionally seeks to enhance and make visible those positive comments can grow the brand.

In short, to engage in social networking is important to take into account what the audience wants and what the brand has to offer. It is also essential to know and understand the available channels, which are relevant to each brand. Finally we must not forget that the ultimate goal of the enterprise network is the customer therefore must make a major focus on customer care.

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