Essential online marketing techniques for small businesses

The internet is consuming more of people’s free time than ever, enabling it to become the perfect place for a small business to make its mark and find an audience away from the confines of bricks and mortar.

Essential online marketing techniques for small businesses
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In fact internet use has doubled in the last decade, with the average British person spending over 20 hours a week online, according to a report from Ofcom.

But because the internet is so immensely popular, it is invariably a crowded marketplace which small businesses must navigate with care. And there are a number of important marketing techniques to master if you want your organisation to secure a slice of this profitable pie.

Web Design

Getting web design right is arguably more important than spending money on a major promotional campaign that makes your name known. Because unless your site is up to scratch, visitors will abandon it and look elsewhere for the products and services that you offer, tarnishing your conversion rate.

You may be capable of coping with the demands of modern web design in-house, but getting third party assistance is essential if you are unfamiliar with the expectations of modern consumers and the platforms required to win them over. So if you are looking for web design in Swansea then companies like will be able to boost your company’s credibility.

This will often mean taking into account new trends, such as the need to optimise a site for mobile devices rather than resting on your laurels and sticking with a desktop-oriented design. Mobile optimisation through a responsive approach to design is the best course of action and a professional design firm will be able to advise you on how to achieve this.

Social Media

Social media services shape everything from the lives of individuals to current affairs, emerging news stories and even elections.

Because of the influence of social media, small businesses that are looking to market themselves effectively need to consider the use of platforms like Facebook and Twitter as vital, occupying the same category of fundamental requirements as having a website.

Managing a social media presence correctly can lead to significant benefits, including increased consumer engagement. And you will find that even if you do not already have accounts open on the biggest platforms that people are already talking about your business in one way or another.

Social media is not only about marketing but also about damage limitation; being able to address customer complaints or concerns directly and proactively when negative opinions are voiced is just as important as being able to share content and foster a community.

Web design should also take social media into account, as integrating the option to share links to products and services or post a comment via an embedded interactive element will ensure that your site is enmeshed in a world where sharing leads to clicks and conversions. It may all sound daunting, but the prospects are exciting if the right approach is taken.

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