Facebook will surpass Yahoo in advertising display

For the first time, the bulk of ad revenue from display ads in the US will go to the hands of Facebook, which According to the estimates made by eMarketer will experience a growth of 80.9% to reach 2.190 million dollars during this same year. This means that Facebook will account for 21.6% of total advertising spending on the US screen.

This remarkable increase would make Facebook the new king of display advertising on the Internet ahead of other giants in the network such as Yahoo! whose share in this market would also be increased reached 16.4% of total spending on this type of advertising, and Google with 12.6%. AOL, however, will see its quota reduced from 5.3% to 4.4% during this same year.

Forecasts indicate that the revenue from Yahoo’s display ads will continue to increase at least until next 2012. However, despite this, Facebook will surpass Yahoo! This year, and Google will do the same during the next year. This confirms the strong commitment and tendency of companies, brands and advertisers for advertising and online advertisements.

In terms of the search market, Google will continue to maintain and consolidate its position as the best site with an increase in market share with almost 4 percentage points, reaching 75.2% of the share of this market during this same year. Experts and analysts expect that Microsoft will also experience an increase in its share in the market during this, and the next two years, while the revenue from the search on Yahoo! They will continue their decline, falling from 1,280 million dollars last year 2010, to 1,100 million during this same year.

Although some observers expect Google search ad revenue to experience a decline due to Bing’s competition, the reality of reported earnings shows that after an initial period of relatively slow growth, Google’s net revenue they grew at least 27% during the rest of the year. Which means that for Bing, it will be difficult to stop the crushing pace of the search giant. In fact, the increase in Bing’s profits are basically related to the losses of Yahoo in this market.

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