In what cases it is advisable to make a display campaign?

The displays or advertising banners seems that eventually is suffering some wear. In the 90 was the main strategy for an advertiser on the internet but as expected, have emerged new sophisticated tools that have shifted the display: Google AdWords, Facebook ads….

The main brakes are a display campaign:

  • We must make an attractive design and is an added expense entry.
  • The CTR (% impressions / clicks%) tend to be lower than a text ad on google adwords.
  • No longer a “push” marketing action the user is not looking for that product at that time.

In what cases it is advisable to make a display campaignWhat are the possible scenarios for display campaign?

Let us first see what are the possibilities of using a campaign of “display advertising”:

  1. Banners advertising in digital media: This would be the traditional formula forever.
  2. Display in google adwords: Inside the google platform there is the option of text and display option. They are banners that google places according to the theme that you have set earlier in the affiliated web pages to google (which have active program google adsense).
  3. Within a remarketing campaign: These campaigns are “aimed” to the user after a visit.
  4. Within an affiliate program: The display is also used in these programs “commercial” online service on your website.

What are the extent that can use the display effectively?

These are the situations I usually recommend to my clients:

  1. Remarketing Business: In this type of campaign is very useful if a visit has not been achieved no trace (email, “like” …). The display remarketing represent the only option left for “fish” a user who left without buying. These techniques usually have a reasonable cost and CTR (Impressions / clicks) are higher than in normal advertising banners.
  2. Some cases within a google adwords campaign: In my opinion is a good option when the budget is not too low because then helps raise CTR text ads. It is essential the display within adwords when it comes to a product or service that user do not search google (because it is new for example).
  3. Display blog “niche”: Here you can also expect good results when traffic is very akin to the advertiser.
  4. Affiliate programs: In this case I would like to make a point about it. Some programs are paid CPA and CPL + CPA others. In this second case would have to be careful because you can shoot a little spending. In cases of CPA smoothly.

As you can see, yes there are good scenarios to make good use of the display and get a positive ROI for the advertiser.

What do you think about the display? Still a good choice? In which case you would use your?

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