Internet is the main source of inspiration for 3 out of 4 buyers

Nearly half of buyers (47%) say they prefer to make their holiday shopping online this year. Some shopping this season will increase by 5% over the previous year, as recorded by the computer graphics of Short Stack.

Internet is the main source of inspiration for 3 out of 4 buyers; where search and capture deals online monopolize much of the time you spend 40% of them.

Shipping costs remain a decisive influence on the final purchase decision. For 44% of consumers, it is the second most important in deciding factor to complete your order. An increasingly common way to avoid this expense is the possibility to buy online and pick up in store. Advantage to that already noted 44% of customers.

Internet is the main source of inspiration for 3 out of 4 buyersSocial shopping is already a reality

We cannot continue to ignore the role of social networks when buying. In the last year, 30% of client claims to have purchased a product, as a result of having seen in any 2.0 platform. Another of its main benefits is as a way to foster engagement with customers, increasing repeat purchase, and drive sales with discounts and exclusive offers.

59% of consumers recognize the offers and promotions fans will especially encourage buying. The same applies to programs and campaign loyalty points, distributed through these channels (58%). Another point in favor of social networks is their ability to motivate sales unplanned. 56% say that “deals of the day” specials to take advantage in a particular period encourage them to buy.

Companies also need to make their customers feel special; an incentive that translates into sales. More than half of them (52%) admit that access to exclusive products will motivate them to buy this Christmas.

More mobile than ever Christmases

Mobile devices play a leading role in purchasing decisions. 84% of buyers resorted to its intelligent terminal throughout the buying process, both to find information about products, and to find last minute deals. 1 out of 3 customers prefer to use it rather than ask an employee.

69% say that your smartphone will be much on your holiday shopping. At the time of conversion, mobile optimization is a crucial factor 25% of them.

Customer experience, always present

To boost sales this Christmas, customers require more than deals and discounts. 47.9% values the sufficient information on the location of the company and enjoy a quality customer service (30.3%), who can answer your questions and give the deserved attention.

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