Intrapreneurship: The importance of entrepreneurship within organizations

The concept of entrepreneur includes both the Entrepreneur, that is, the person who organizes and directs a company assuming the risk, and also includes the Intrapreneur, that is, the person who generates a new business within the company in which he works. This is the least known figure, but it is equally important.

Fundamentally an entrepreneur is characterized by his autonomy, great enthusiasm, his commitment to the task, and his inclination to take risks, characteristics that can also be found in employees within the company.

In search of innovation and creativity within the company, to develop new products, improve processes and apply the products to new uses, not only the specific area of ​​creativity, innovation or marketing can find those ideas, but it should be encouraged that all The company has that thought and there are simple channels where employees can channel their creative ideas.

For this, the profitable ideas that the employees propose must be rewarded and leaders are needed to promote the new ideas in a flexible space to create and test.

Sources to develop ideas are diverse, among which we can find exploring business, processes or successful present uses that are being developed in other cities or other countries, and that developing it locally satisfies a need that to date is not covered, proposal that if it exists, it should have a demand with a sufficient volume to justify the development of the investment.

Information on successful foreign models can be found by browsing the Internet, attending exhibitions, obtaining franchises and patents. Surely this successful foreign model will require adaptations to local reality, analyzing which part of the service or product needs to be modified to be accepted.

Another important source of ideas is analyzing what problems exist in the community and that no company satisfies them to date. In this case, there is nothing truer than the phrase that where others see problems, the entrepreneur recognizes solutions. You can find innovative ideas, improving existing products or services, but seeking to meet the need in a way that exceeds the existing companies to do the needs to date.

For an idea to be successful, it must provide a differential and immediate service that is easy to communicate and understand, while being compatible with local values. The objective is to know and understand the customer so well, that the product or service is suitable and sold by itself.

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