Is it growing ecommerce as it should or could be expected?

It is true that electronic commerce is growing at a frenetic pace. The latest report presented by the United States Department of Commerce showed an increase of 15.7% in the second quarter, compared to the same period last year. However, the fact remains that customers still prefer to buy in physical stores. The 92% of shopping is still done offline.

We can not deny the own advantages of stores, with which e-commerce can hardly compete, such as the immediate release of purchase, to touch before buying, or the fact that it is the traditional way of trade; whose rules established they are well known by customers.

Is it growing ecommerce as it should or could be expectedHowever, in the case of online commerce, customers face an unfamiliar environment, where, besides the data privacy can be compromised. Therefore, they can not have the product in their hands before buying it, they can not even enjoy it at the time of paying itself. Moreover, they have to pay it in advance, and trust that the company will deliver it. If we add to purchase online involves shipping, and not speak.

Too many changes and impediments that tarnish the advantages of buying from home, such as not waiting queues or having to move the room to search and compare prices and features of the product they want. Which also comes home itself, without having to carry it.

To make matters worse, companies are not yet able to assimilate the continuous changes and developments intrinsic to the development of electronic commerce. If in the traditional trade, the customer is not our forte, in the case of online sales it is even worse, since there is no back a contact person. Customers are, at most, a phone number or email address.

In this situation, it is quite understandable that choose to approach the store. It stands to reason that no progress ecommerce further. Customers every day have more online experience, leading them to be more demanding. Expectations for that retailers seem unprepared. Causing frustration and mistrust; leading them to opt for other alternatives.

On the other hand, yes there are companies that are squeezing Internet as a sales channel. A clear example of this is Amazon, who, under the banner of customer experience leads the industry ecommerce. This is a company that has been able to understand the customer, put in place and put at their disposal all means to meet their needs. All this without jump right into a price war, which only jeopardize your bottom line.

Undoubtedly, Amazon has put the bar very high, which is a major drawback for companies that want to gain a foothold in the sector. Once again Darwin’s theory is true, and only those that are best suited to their environment will survive the relentless evolution.

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