Loyalty of clients, do you achieve with an awards program?

The sale under pressure is a paradigm that was left aside 20 years ago, although the efforts to study the client as a consequence of the saturation of the market is at least the decade of the ’70s. At that time, the segmentation began to be essential in order to be more effective in terms of sales and budgets.

The effort involved today to win a client, may be in vain if the attention is not as expected, or if the relationship was not established strong enough. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, loyalty means “achieving, in different ways, that employees and customers of a company remain faithful to it.” In the strict sense of loyalty that is desirable to achieve with customers, it is important to note that, as the saying goes, “even if the girl dresses in silk, mona stays”, it will not matter if the reward is 0km. Caribbean or two tickets to the cinema. If the customer service is still terrible, do not expect the client to prefer us above average. On the other hand, if the commercial advice is limited, that is to say, that it does not offer anything creative (it can always be different even if it is the same product),

As the dictionary definition itself says, loyalty refers to approaching clients in different ways. Loyalty means to be attentive to detail at each point of contact of the client with the company / brand, which in short, differentiates us from the average, being also references. Actually, all the points and rewards programs have great prizes, but they are only aggiornamientos. What loyalty is the result of the moment of truth.

According to the latter, we can mention some issues to consider if what we seek is to achieve greater adhesion:

  • Advise the client creatively. It is not enough to show the LCD you are looking at or what you entered to consult. Use all available tools so that the client has all the necessary information (and we also know how to use the product) to make a decision, but also point to the emotions, and not just the current price or promotion;
  • To make the client feel unique in the face of his particular situation, that we are sincerely interested in helping him;
  • Accompany the client at all points of contact that he has with the company / brand;
  • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to care, far exceeding the strictly situational line;
  • Be attentive to detail. In the macro everything can be fine, but in detail, we can do excellent;
  • Generate links

A small demonstration of genuine interest to the client, at the right time, can be the best reward strengthening the relationship and boosting business.

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