Mobile advertising opens gap between small and medium-sized enterprises

According to data from a recent survey carried out by Pontiflex, 49% of SMEs plan to take the mobile into account in their marketing plan next year.

It is possible to say that those SMEs that already have experience in this environment, will continue to rely on it in the next financial year. Among the companies surveyed, 72% of those already investing in mobile advertising intend to maintain the same level of investment in this medium, while the rest are planning to increase their share by 30%.

Mobile advertising opens gap between small and medium-sized enterprisesThe main obstacle that marketing departments find when it comes to betting more on this type of advertising is ROI. Many of them use inadequate metrics to study the results of their investment, some of them still rely on the traditional system. If they had better advice when analyzing and evaluating their campaigns, half of these companies would bet stronger by this means.

Another fact that especially worries these companies is that the results are based on the impressions of an advertisement, or on the clicks made. It would be ideal to be able to measure the results of the campaign using other more specific variables, such as the number of leads achieved, interactions through social networks or even calls received by customers as a direct response to the campaign.

Application of SOLOMO to their campaigns

75% of companies highlighted the importance of geolocation in their mobile advertising campaigns, as a basis for success.They are aware of the relevance to their users for the use of mobile technology, as well as their information needs, hence the importance of connecting with them using their means. Therefore, they intend to design campaigns designed according to their expectations, combining its three main components: social, mobile and local.

The survey is conducted online on a sample of 1300 SMEs, most of them American, with an average of 6 employees and have an advertising budget of at least 25,000 euros.

The US mobile advertising market. is in full swing and according to eMarketer will continue to maintain this trend, in fact says that in 2016 is expected to reach a volume of 12 billion dollars. Have you done any mobile advertising campaign? Do you plan to carry out any short-term?

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