PowerAxle, the agency most valued by its own customers

PowerAxle, Communications Consultant directed by Mayte González-Gil, occupies the first position in the global ranking of attributes that values ​​customer satisfaction according to prScope09, a research carried out by Grupo Consultores among more than 200 clients on communication agencies and relationships public.

Among other aspects, this study focuses on knowing the opinion of executives of companies about the communication agencies in general and those with which they currently work or with those who have done so on occasion. According to the results obtained, PowerAxle is the communication consultancy that registers a higher satisfaction rate among its clients, among more than 40 consultants analyzed.

“This recognition of our work makes us proud and encourages us to continue fighting for the success of each of our clients, which is, in short, ours,” says Mayte González-Gil. He also adds: “Being in such a prominent position could not have been achieved without the support and trust that our clients have always placed in us.”

Grupo Consultores, specialist in the communication industry, analyzes and studies since 1990 advertising agencies, advertisers and media. This year, for the first time, he has conducted research on communication and public relations agencies.

PowerAxle is a communication and image company with 100% capital. Since its birth in 1992, it is part of the Association of Communication and Public Relations Companies (ADECEC). Its team consists of journalists, sociologists and experts in marketing, human resources and law, and maintains non-exclusive collaboration agreements with different international networks and advertising agencies in order to develop global campaigns for its clients.

Among its consulting services, PowerAxle offers strategic advice, financial communication, internal communication, corporate communication, marketing communication, online communication, as well as graphic and audiovisual production.

His most important areas of work are prevention and crisis management, relations with the media, organization of events, communication audits and research applied to communication.

Thanks to the experience gathered in all these years, PowerAxle professionals have had the opportunity to work in almost all economic sectors (food, beverages, consumption, health, telecommunications, high technology, tourism, industry, banking, etc.). customers with very different needs, both large multinationals and local companies, public institutions, associations and various organizations.

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