Samsung vs Apple: A war in which users and consumers lose

The continuous confrontation and the war between two big brands like Samsung and Apple is reaching undoubtedly dimensions that few predicted. And it is that the judicial fight for violation of patents and copy of designs between both marks maintains the discrepancies and confrontations through multiple and different lawsuits and demands.

The battlefield between Samsung and Apple extends globally and through different countries where both brands continue their respective aggressions and alternate attacks. An authentic fight to death without contemplations, but forgetting something fundamental. This is a war that will undoubtedly have the users and consumers themselves among the big losers.

The confrontation between both brands has reached a large media dimension. And with that, the most critical mechanisms of legions of users, defenders and detractors have also been put in place. Fanboys, evangelism clients, and those of these two brands come out to join the cause on each of the sides. It is not just a legal battle, it is also a war with direct repercussions on the reputation of both brands and companies.

Whoever is free from sin, throw the first stone.

Undoubtedly, this exchange of hard blows will not be beneficial for Samsung or Apple. And less for many users and consumers. It is a war after which and as in many others there will be no winners or losers. Only victims of an international conflict that acquires greater dimensions every day.

There will be those who can argue or defend the position of one or another brand. All this under the complex prism of understanding the mechanisms of the patent industry, and really evaluating the level of innovations in this sense of each of these companies.

What is clear, is that at first glance, the arrival on the market of Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad, was a real revolution to which all wanted to join without hesitation or a single moment when imitating the ‘new toys’ of the Cupertino. However, Samsung’s lawsuits against Apple also show that none of them is really free of sins.

A war in which users and consumers lose

Some of the judgments in favor of Apple in countries such as Australia or Germany have generated a devastating effect on Samsung’s business objectives since as a result it is in the situation of seeing how its Galaxy tablet can not be commercialized. Now Samsung intends to replicate these judgments with different lawsuits against Apple. As a result, many users will be forced to see their preferences limited between both devices and brands.

The law gives the reason but is it enough to understand the needs, options and opinions of all users and consumers? Do the rights of brands over their patents prevent the proliferation and competitive improvement of new technologies?

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