Should You Buy Or Lease a Printer?

Buying or leasing printers? Which is right for your company? Let’s first look at the difference between a lease and a purchase. A lease is very similar to buying, except with a different contract and an option to upgrade to newer machines in the future. With a purchase, you essentially take ownership of the printer(s) and agree to the terms of their sale. For more details on a Sharp Printer lease, visit Elmrep

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Leasing may be the best option for you if your company doesn’t print large volumes of documents – or if you have a small budget for a printer, but need an affordable printer for a short-term use. It’s also a good option for companies whose budget is very limited but needs a printer to keep up with their competitors. The only major disadvantage is that you don’t own the printer you purchased, so you’re basically renting the printer for use. While this is often the cheapest route to go because you don’t own the printer, it is the most common, and may be the best option for your company in the future.

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On the other hand, if you just need a basic office printer and have minimal printing needs, then a purchase is probably your best bet. With leasing, the printer isn’t “your” printer forever – the lease/supply will end when the term endsĀ  and you’ll need to either buy a new printer or finance a further one on a renewed lease.

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