Tablets continue to proliferate as an ideal device for online shopping

Tablets have gone from non-existent to form a fundamental part of e-commerce. New data reveal this new reality that also and according to a study by Logan Tod & Co., shows that the vast majority of companies will need to have ready mobile campaigns for next Christmas 2018.

In a survey conducted last December, 14% of users said they used a tablet to make a purchase, compared to 15% who said they used their mobile phone.

For experts, this research is clear evidence that Tablets continue to proliferate as ideal devices for online purchases, and are growing even faster in the field of e-commerce than smartphones themselves. One of its main functions will undoubtedly be to be used as a tool to make online purchases, research and comparison of products or search for offers or establishments from any place and time, so retailers must include them in their multichannel plans for this 2018 and in the future.

The commercial period of these dates for the end of this 2018 promises to mark a new milestone in relation to online purchases. Trend that will also be a constant during the rest of the year, starting with the period of sales, holidays and dates indicated. All this, taking into account that 26% of consumers surveyed plan to increase spending for online purchases. Most of them, driven by low delivery costs (57%), greater stock availability (45%), greater variety of payment methods (46%) and money savings (48%).

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