The contact center sector remains optimistic about the commercial recovery

Sitel, a world leader in Customer Relations Management services, with the support of a large group of companies and associations in the sector, including AEECCC, IFAES and Altitude Software, has made public the results of the second report Customer Care Manager’s Index (CCMI) corresponding to the month of May.

The results that emerge from this barometer continue to reflect a modest optimistic tone. Even so, the global perception of the sector has decreased 0.28 points in relation to the month of April, due to the contraction of other key indicators of the survey that have registered important falls, as it is the case of: the perspective of profitability of the period (-0.41 points), the outsourcing initiatives of services (-0.44 points) and the perception of the members of the panel on the current situation of their respective companies (-0.40 points).

Regarding the Index of Evolution of the Template, it continues showing a slight increase valuation (5.44 points) that underlines the confidence of the professionals of the sector in the recovery of the volume of business in the next months. In general terms, the report shows a Global CCMI index of 6.07, a result that translates into a modest monthly improvement in the Contact Center sector.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that, thanks to the good reception of the CCMI study in the Contact Center sector and its marked strategic value, it has been decided that, starting with its third monthly installment, the report will be quarterly. This change aims to collect, analyze and compare the answers offered by the panel of professionals in the sector in an even more profound, strict and representative way. Likewise, with the extension of the analysis period, we intend to make a more precise assessment of the fluctuations of the market and the outlook of the Contact Center.

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