The content in social networks must start from the corporate identity of the brand

Undoubtedly, the management of communities in social networks is often quite complex. If already working with audiences – or markets, depending on the case – from the traditional media is complex, even more so in the new media, where we no longer refer only to the active subjects, as for some time we have revealed the studies In communication, but rather interactive, which allows us to start from a different reality in the strategic approach of such management.

The content in social networks must start from the corporate identity of the brandIn Social Media, when talking about communication we often refer to the content of digital platforms. This content, which is usually created by the professional in social networks, is the key to success versus effective management of the digital properties where the brand is present. However, many companies are faced with the complex situation regarding the creation of such content for the platforms.

Where should this content come from?

Carlos Ávalos, author of the book “The Brand, Identity and Strategy” poses an extremely interesting definition of the brand in the area of strategic planning. He defines it as “the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, as a whole, result in a consumer being decided by one product or service instead of another”

Starting from this definition, which from my perspective is quite interesting, it is possible to raise the question about the content, and even more, the communication strategy that encompasses it in the management of online communities.

And it is that the content in Social Networks must start from the very identity of the brand, from its essence as such: what he thinks, how he thinks, how he speaks, how he says it, what worldview he has. And even more, the key is found in the link that makes this same mark (in Social Networks) with the expectations, memoritas and stories that each of the members of their virtual community have, so that they create a closer link with the Brand through identification with the same, this way will create that brand-user relationship that benefits in concrete actions, raised from the marketing and communication objectives.

The brand, as a human being, must speak for itself through its content and its actions, seeking to generate a closer relationship with its community and thus to be linked with the emotions and stories of each one of its members. Well, if a user identifies with his content he will share it as his own, thus generating more virality for it, which in many cases is beneficial to the brand.

It is important, then, to know deeply the corporate identity that encompasses the brand, so that from there start the content strategies that will surround the online actions that the brand will have in its digital presence.

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