The dart in the bullseye, or how to make an effective e-mail

E-mail marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective resources to connect directly with the client. It allows you to send the message directly to your hands. It depends on you to welcome it willingly, or directly repudiate it. To promote success, it is important that you take care of the following aspects:

Choose a brief, concise and direct topic. Do not go around the bush, directly expose the benefit you will get by accepting your message. Avoid at all costs the already hackneyed expressions that guarantee absolute happiness, those of the type: “congratulations, you have been chosen”, “free for being you” and various banalities, few people today bite on that hook.

Remember that, above all, it is a communication tool, where the image of your company is transmitted.It must convey confidence and professionalism. Esmérate and design a quality mail, in html, with a careful appearance and relevant content. The greater the number of internal links that your message includes, the more likely you are to get clicks.

It clearly shows the purpose of the message in the text body. If for example it is to get a budget request, create a big button and highlight that call to action.

Segment your audience There are many types of clients, who do not have the same needs, tastes or preferences at all. If you send a generic message, you will not reach anyone in particular, it will be devoid of meaning and intentionality. It elaborates a concrete message, directed to obtain a concrete answer. The more personalization, the better results. Hence the great importance of creating your own distribution list. So you can know first-hand the name and main qualitative data of your recipient, and use them to your benefit.
Take care of your subscribers, send them information of interest, and above all do not saturate your inbox. It would be of great help if, when subscribing, you would allow them to choose the frequency of receipt of your mailings, as well as the topic that most interests you. This will favor the opening rate.

Ends with a final closure, do not simply abandon the client at the end of the writing. Facilitate the possibility to expand information, view your page or register to access the promised offer. Reinforce the effect of your shipment in the final conclusion. Otherwise, you will directly click on delete your message.

The greatest impact occurs in the first 24 hours of life, so it chooses the first hours of a workday for its launch. Better if it’s a day of the beginning of the week.

Use a professional program for shipments, pays special attention to the LOPD, facilitates the possibility for the user to unsubscribe and frequently debug the database; so that you eliminate the invalid addresses and unsubscribe requests.

Do you usually use e-mail marketing as a sales tool? What is your secret to get effective shipments?

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