The head of Online Marketing and the Community Manager, essential profiles in any company

How has the communication of large companies such as Michael Page, Tuenti, Sephora, Santander or Suzuki affected the arrival of new technologies? Former Students CEU has organized a breakfast with Commercial Directors and Marketing with the aim of giving voice to some of the top representatives of these organizations and analyze together how the way of communicating and positioning the brand itself has changed in an increasingly digital and interactive.

One of the main consequences is a change in the channels, languages ​​and technologies to address our users. Online campaigns allow to communicate to a very specific target and to an investment smaller than the offline marketing and they are inescapable to reach our public, in a frame like the present one. But a good planning and execution of these campaigns requires new specialized professional profiles, such as the Online Marketing Manager and the Community Manager.

In this sense, José Antonio Ortega, Marketing, Communications & Web Manager of Michael Page International, has analyzed the impact of new technologies and social networks in the Human Resources market:

“The Online Marketing Manager leads the brand image of the company in the different media and channels; he has to be a dynamic, proactive, strategist and team-player with an absolute command of the online sector and English. Their remuneration varies according to experience and value and ranges between 50,000 and 80,000 euros. Another key profile in the 3.0 era is that of Community Manager, which is responsible for implementing, controlling and monitoring the company’s brand image in different social networks. The salary in this case varies between 15,000 and 45,000 euros. However, in many cases they are using very junior profiles for this type of position, while their work is key to the online positioning of the brand, “said Ortega.

Another consequence derived from the introduction of new online channels in the field of Human Resources affects the area of ​​the Selection Consultants. In this case they have served to “break down barriers”, in a sector that since its inception had been characterized as being “very opaque”. “At Michael Page, we have adopted the new online tools to maintain transparent communication with candidates, as well as the LinkedIn and Facebook channels, we are working on new tools to make room for an open debate between candidates and headhunters.”

Alejandro Vázquez Guillén, Commercial Director of Tuenti, has continued with an analysis of how social networks have become the most visited pages in the entire network in recent years. “Social networks give people power. They represent one of the greatest phenomena of democratic citizen participation, “Guillen explained,” The key to a network to work is to transmit what is happening in real time. ”

Fernando Boza, Head of Multi-Channel of Banco Santander and Juan López Frade, Commercial and Marketing Director of Suzuki Ibérica have explained how the implementation of the online channel and new technologies has been possible in the case of more static and mature sectors, such as they are banking and the automobile.

In addition to the importance of the online channel, Beatriz Torres, Communications and Sales Marketing of Sephora, has spoken of the concept of retailtenment, which its brand has adopted at the points of sale, with music and fun activities to attract consumers: “It’s about to establish an emotional connection with the client, creating a unique experience of consumption “.

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