The speed of delivery, the primary requirement of buyers online

Manhattan Associates, Inc., a provider of solutions for the supply chain, has revealed in its latest study on online purchases that compliance with delivery can make the difference for online stores in our country between re-sell or not to the same buyer.

The survey, conducted among a thousand buyers of both sexes and older, notes that 81.7% of respondents give a vital importance to meeting deadlines, stating that not done in time discourage them buy back in the online trade in the future. In addition, 81.3% said it would be more true to an eCommerce options that offer faster delivery and reduce delivery times as well.

The speed of delivery, the primary requirement of buyers onlineThe speed in hosting the acquired products is a key element in the success of an online transaction, according to the study. Among the types of delivery preferred by people in the survey, as long as they are available, it highlights the fact that more than half of respondents-the 52.8% – prefer the delivery of purchases on the same day at your doorstep. Second, with 36%, the collection is situated on the same day at a delivery point. It is precisely the next day delivery buy the most common method among online shoppers in the study, which has been used at least once by 86.7%.

The survey conducted throughout the national territory, segmenting by gender, age groups and regions, reveals that 88% of respondents you plan to shop online this holiday season, increasing that figure as regards 2015 as the 98.7% expect to make at least one online shopping next year. In addition, 67.3% plan to increase purchases online about this year.

Clothing, footwear and sports equipment are the kind of articles that have been purchased throughout this year that is about to end. 63.2% of participants in the study have purchased a product of this type, with a higher percentage among them: 71.7% versus 55.4% of boys. The second well most demanded by online shoppers are tickets for events, a product that has been purchased by 53.7% of respondents.

And the shops?

The study has also obtained interesting results on the online shops of our country. Contrary to what might seem, technology is not the main sector of economic activity online, but fashion is who takes the first place. 40% of online business survey engages in that activity compared with 24% of technological, occupying second place.

Interestingly, product delivery the next day-preferred by buyers of this study-only method is offered by half of the businesses analyzed -the 48% -. And it is that 40% of businesses surveyed do not offer among its options delivery the next day, something that certainly could penalize them against those individuals engaged in holiday shopping at the last minute. The standard delivery, which usually takes two days or more, is the other most common choice among online businesses, also offered by 48% of businesses.

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