The street is the best school to observe what the market wants

I like the street, I like to see people go from one place to another, I like to see shops, coffee shops … and that’s where I learn the most. Observing the movement of people, where they walk, what they look at, what they ask and what their behavior is.

For me that daily phrase of “the street is the best school” has a lot of truth.

As Carlos Abadía Jordana says in his book “I am a Consultant (with forgiveness)” the good consultant is what he calls artesanal. I agree with this definition that he does, understanding as an artisan consultant, one who does his job by getting involved and committing himself to the client’s consultation.

I have met some consultants, most of them very good professionals, but in a high percentage and from my point of view, with abusive use of methods called consulting and with very few artesaning components. They usually captivate the client with great power point presentations, with colorful tables, summary diagrams, decision trees and endless dynamic elements, all accompanied by melodic music, concepts only known to them.

If you want to do good marketing, know the market and it moves on the street and now also on the internet.

This year I taught in the best master’s degree course in Andalusia (there is only one) related to management training for social economy companies. I had the wonderful function of having to explain the function of marketing in the company. I prepared a presentation that would support the transmission of knowledge and, in turn, help me to keep the students from falling asleep during class. A week before giving it, I reflected on the content and above all I did one thing that a marketing consultant should always do, ask the client and not get carried away by their own thoughts.

After obtaining authorization from the program management, the class was given on the street. After the day, the students told me that they had understood perfectly what marketing was and that from that moment, they would leave part of their time to go out to the street to observe what the market wants.

If you want to do consulting in marketing artesaning, I recommend you take into account these points:

  • Know your product very well: characteristics, competitive advantages and disadvantages, needs that satisfy …
  • Know your market very well: where you are, what are the main characteristics, your tastes, your consumption habits, your hobbies … the more the better.
  • Do not get carried away by your value judgments, by your own opinions or valuations. Be objective, I repeat be objective.
  • Look for alternatives, analyze them and if you can try it on the market before doing anything.
  • Always listen to the client and if he does not speak because he is very shy, ask him, but ask him with a head. If you tell a child, do you want a gift? What will be the answer?
  • Ask people who have nothing to do with what they are doing. They will give you a different vision.
  • The theory is wonderful, as long as it serves to put it into practice.
  • Use that common sense, it works.
  • There are people who still think that some products are sold alone. The street tells me that it is not like that. If someone sells is for something, their function as a consultant is to find out why.
  • Finally, do your job with enthusiasm and do not be afraid to take off your suit.

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