Understanding Constructive Dismissals and How to Proceed With a Tribunal Claim

What exactly is a constructive dismissal claim? A constructive dismissal is considered to have happened in cases where an employer acts in a manner that contravenes an express term of their employees employment contract, such as a refusal to grant a request to extend a working agreement or an increase in working hours. If an employee feels they have been let down by their employer, for example they feel that they have been unfairly demoted, they may well apply for a constructive dismissal claim, if they are supported by a valid occupational solicitor. In the UK, it is very common for an employer to be sued for breach of contract law. If you need to make a Constructive Dismissal Claim then go to Employment Law Friend.

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They will be able to provide advice on the procedures involved, the employer’s potential liability, how to get the claim to court and advise on whether or not to approach the tribunal itself.

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It is important to remember that the employer’s duty of care is to take reasonable steps to protect their reputation. The employee must not have suffered a loss or damage as a direct result of these breaches. The employee must also not unreasonably be denied access to work or any other benefit offered by the employer. Where there are reasonable steps taken by the employer to prevent breaches of contract, a constructive dismissal claim may be brought by the employee.

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