Why companies should recycle

The Printwaste company provides a great business recycling service. They alleviate the amount of pressure that is put on landfills through recycling materials and resources left over from other companies. Recycling is a very necessary and important process as it reduces the carbon footprint and reduces the impact on climate change. Recycling more materials means less energy needs to be used and less pollution is created through making these materials again from scratch. Therefore, recycling helps to alleviate some of the damage created by anthropogenic climate change.

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There is a collective responsibility to look after our planet, however, companies and western countries create a lot more than their share in environmental damage. This means they should invest in creating a plan to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. There is some debate in the media over the authenticity of the human impact on the planet, however in the scientific community the vast majority agree that we humans are having a huge negative impact on the planet. The debate in the media is usually political and in support of major corporations functioning as normal and creating all the waste they want to in order to create maximum profits.

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